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    2000pts. Liche High, Somewhat competitive

    Some points values removed due to GW Copyrights. -Spector

    Alright so I've decided to change up my list a little bit now and am looking for so feed back as I am some what tired of playing with my Tomb King as my Lord choice and am now switching it him up for a liche High to try something different.

    Lords/Hereos: 836
    Liche High Priest: 320
    dispel scroll, Neferra's Plaques of Mighty Incantations, cloak of dunes

    Liche Priest: 160
    Staff of Ravening

    Liche Priest: 165
    Hieratic Jar, dispel scroll

    Tomb Prince: 191
    Chariot, Chariot of fire, talisman of protection, light armor, flail

    Core: 266
    2 Tomb Swarms

    11 Bowmen

    11 Bowmen

    3 Ushabti

    3 Chariots: 180
    Standard bearer, mirage standard

    24 Tomb Guard: 343
    Banner of the undying legion, full command.

    Screaming Skull Catapult

    Screaming Skull Catapult

    Point total: 2000
    Dispel Dice: 6
    Inctations: 7(

    So please comment! :yes:

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    The three priests look good, the one with the Staff of Ravening could do with a horse though.

    I dont think the Prince's set up is too got for him being in a Chariot. He needs a better save, give him the Collar of Shapesh to go alongside the Flaming Chariot.

    I think the main problem is that there is only one sponge unit in the army, the Tomb Guard, and even these are expensive, so you have no cheap units which can take damage. Tomb Guard are an expensive addation to a High Priest lead army, possibly downgrade these to skellie warriors with HW/S, then combine the other small skellie units for a second block, and armour them up too.

    The unit of 3 Ushabti is too small, these need 4 in a unit to be effective and stand any chance of having a real impact in a game. With 4 they can take some damage and still be able to strike back with some good damage.

    Finally the SSC's need upgrading, especially as you have 2 of them, with a potential 4 shots a turn you could really take advantage of the cheap upgrade.

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