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    My normal 1000 Point army lists

    Hello I`m haveing a small 6 man turnie at my house soon, and I wanted to post the diffrent army lists and see what you guys though about them.
    I`m playing Dwarfs,Lizardmen,Lizardmen/beastmen,Lizardmen/empire,High elves,High elves/orcs and gobbos.

    List 1 Favored more balanced list..
    - Great weapon
    Liche Priest
    - Steed

    Heroes = 342

    10 Bowmen
    10 Bowmen
    19 Warriors
    - Standard
    5 Heavy horsemen

    Core = 402

    3 Chariots
    - standard with the undying legions
    1 Tomb scorpion

    Special = 250

    Total = 994
    Basic thoughts:
    The Prince go with the main block of warriors I might put him in a archer block at the start of the game then move him over.
    The Hierophant is hiding in a archer block or in the case of no real treats he just stays around..
    I use the other liche kinda reclessly moving him with the chariots across the board.

    I use lots of skelleton archers since I know what they will do, and they give me tactical options no other TK unit gives me.. they guard the hierophant they, hold slow down units, direct units with a suicide mission, kill skinks (and if all 3 liz players end up using lizardmen theres ganna be lots of em)

    My main block is well the main block, its a bit low on numbers but it has managed just fine up til now...
    The heavy chavalery is there because normaly the chariots go alone picking their own targets, so the heavy chavalery is there to act as the flankers the chariots are to good to be..

    The scorpion speaks for its self..
    As stated the chariots go hunting for themselfs, and as my only real hitting unit the banner of undying legions is priceless.

    List 2 Twice the fun with added randomness
    - Great weapon
    Liche Priest
    - Steed

    Heroes = 342

    10 Bowmen
    19 Warriors
    - standard

    Core 242

    3 Chariots
    3 Chariots
    1 Scorpion

    Special = 325

    Screaming skull Chatapult

    Rare = 90

    total 999
    First of I hate the chatapult, I never manage to land a hit and I have a hard enugh time not rolling mishap when I try and get my scorpion to arrive.. none the less its hitting power is undiniable and so this list was formed

    characters are pretty much the same the hierophant might join the chatapult depending on what I`m facing..
    My core elements try not to move that much in this list, as I dont want to be giving away the chatapult to the enemy without a fight

    The tag teaming chariots storm at turtle spead (if there is such a thing ) on one flank aided by the mounted liche

    List 3 The trickster

    - Cloak, great weapon
    - Hieretic jar
    Liche Priest
    - Steed, Staff of ravening

    Heroes = 432

    10 Bowmen
    21 Warriors
    -Standard, light armour

    Core = 279

    4 Chariots
    - Standard with undying legions
    1 Scorpion

    Special = 290

    Total = 1001

    This is the trickster list, and well its well equipted, I must place my trust even more with the chariots so I bumped them up, the warriors have gained some servivability since the prince will be flying away and they loose their combat prowness with him.

    the staff of ravening is a skin destroyer, gotta love it.
    and the hieretic jar is also a golden child..

    So give me some imput whats your favord list out of the 3, and what do you recon my chances are..
    I normaly go with a refused flank approuce with all 3 lists..

    Sorry for the early posting and for all the typos (trying my best to minimise em)

    Last edited by Dreadchill; August 3rd, 2007 at 11:39. Reason: lots a stuff really

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    Well lets take a look. I'm not a huge fan of the character set-up you have in any of the 3 lists really. Considering how important ours are to us I think you might wat to beef them up some.

    Tomb Prince (General)
    -Great Weapon, Collar of Shapesh

    Liche Priest (Hierophant)
    -Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar

    Liche Priest
    -Staff of Ravening

    Thats a pretty solid character set-up. The Hierophant build I used there is pretty much the standard build I would use for a Liche Priest as my Hierophant. Now moving onto troops:

    (19x) Skeleton Warriors
    -Light Armor, Shields, Musician

    (10x) Skeleton Warriors

    This gives you a the 2 required and they aren't too bad. Any casualties you take can be brought back. Next onto specials:

    (3x) Chariots

    Tomb Scorpion

    2 more solid choices. Our 2 best units in my opinion. The Tomb Scorpion can be started above or below ground depending on the match. And you can never really go wrong with chariots. Now onto the last section:

    Screaming Skull Catapul

    And that brings you up to 1000 points .

    There's my $0.02, hope it helps.
    Last edited by Spector; August 3rd, 2007 at 15:55.

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