2500 TK Chariot Heavy - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2500 TK Chariot Heavy

    Playing a bit off from the seemingly standard mold for TK I tend to avoid the large blocks of infantry. The list is somewhat off because I am away from my army book and Army Builder. (Stupid deployment...)

    Tomb King with DoE, CoS and LA
    Tomb Prince with Chariot of Fire, Flail, Enchanted Shield and LA
    Liche Priest (Hierophant) Cloak of the Dunes, Hieretic Jar
    Liche Priest mounted, Dispel Scroll x2

    Chariots x3 SB
    Chariots x4 SB, Banner of the Undying Legion
    Chariots x4 SB
    Chariots x4 SB
    Tomb Swarm x3

    Tomb Gaurd x20-25, Full Command
    Tomb Scorpion
    Tomb Scorpion

    SSC with Skulls of the Foe
    Bone Giant

    The King goes with the Tomb Guard and yes I know it is a lot of points in one place. It makes it a target my opponents usually aim straight for. Which is fine because so far the King and his guard have taken care of themselves. That and it diverts attention away from my chariots. The Bone giant serves as support for the Tomb Guard against monsters and to draw at least fire away from them. I will sometimes swap the Giant for another catapult and some Carrion. I have taken many opponents off gaurd playing this list as they don't expect speed out of a TK list. The general plan is to draw most opponents in by forcing them forward under catapult fire. Chariots will start a little off the deployment line and fade back for a turn or two taking advantage of their fast cav ability. This allows me to choose when to engage to get the maximum effect from the chariots. This list has triumphed over Dwarves, Orcs and Goblins, HoC (Slannesh and Undivided), Dogs of War, Ogre Kingdoms (using the Rhinox Riders) and Lizardmen. Wood Elves have been a problem army for me. Though my local wood elf player is very good with them. Only played one close draw with Dark Elves. I haven't faced High Elves or Vampire Counts yet.

    I was wondering what all of you thought of my list. Any questions, comments or suggestions?

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    Looks like a fairly fast army, but the slow prince in his TG, and the SSC are quite defensive. You may find they get left behind and out quite often. If you are going for a fast force, its best to go all out offensive.

    Get the King in a Chariot, With the Colllar and either a GW or Flail. Possibly a magic weapon but that comes down to personal Preferance.

    As the Prince has a Flail, his Eshield is pretty useless, Look at either The Antarhak Spear, or Golden Ankrah for him. (possibly sway Ankrah and Collar on Prince/King)

    Put the UDL banner on a Character's Chariot Unit.

    Id say drop the SSC and maybe get another Giant. You may need to drop something else for him too, id say loose the Tomb guard as their role is gone, with the King being in a Chariot. Maybe look at maxing out on Scorps

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