1500 pt fast TK - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: 1500 pt fast TK

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    1500 pt fast TK

    Hey guys, I'm looking to start a second fantasy army in addition to the stunties army I already have. I was looking for an army where magic played a central role, was fast, was offensive, and could be powerful only if you used your head rather than just your troops statline and Tomb Kings seems to fit that perfectly. I've been lurking around the TK forums and reading the army book for a while now and I think its time to throw out some of my initial ideas and get some feedback on just how far off base I am.

    First some assumptions I have about TK
    (plz correct if they are wrong as these form the basis for my army ideas)

    1. TK armies come in two rough flavors.
    Defensive with large blocks of troops, Casket of Souls, and SSC. Usually magic heavy with HLP, LP's and a lone TP.
    Offensive with a TK and Charriot core and anything that can smack the enemy hard and fast. 3 LP's scattered throughout the army. SSC's and Bone Giants.

    2. Even foot troops can be fast but you need to be magic heavy to force through the incantations to make them so, mostly an option in defensive armies.

    3. TK elites rock...all of them...and since I can only take 3 under 2000 points this proves Games Workshop is evil.

    4. Charriots are a major strength of TK's but are vulnerable to St. 7+.

    5. Fear, Terror, and painc tests in general are the cornerstones of TK armies and if you want to win you need to maximise this rather than try to win through outright combat.

    Can you tell yet that this is going to be a long post?

    So, with those assumptions in mind I've come up with several builds of heros and units that I like, some of them perhaps a tad unorthodox, and I ask for your help to select which is best and give my army a little clarity. I have a tendancy of wanting to take and try everything all in one list when I start a new army.

    Initial army idea. This is not a full 1500 points, just the start of.


    TP w/Charriot, Spear, LA, SH
    w/ Chariot of Fire, Golden Eye of Rah-Nutt

    (Standard LP)
    LP w/ Cloak of Dunes, Hieratic Jar

    (Death Priest)
    LP w/ steed
    Death Mask of Kharnut


    25 Skeleton Warriors

    10 Heavy Horsemen (joined by Death Priest)
    w/Standard Bearer, Banner of Undying Legion


    3 Chariots (Joined by TP)
    w/Standard Bearer, Musician
    w/Icon of the Sacred Eye -or- Mirage Standard (which do you think is best?)

    Tomb Scorpion

    This leaves me with around 250 points of play room and I'm a bit at a loss for what I should do for the remaining points. There are several things I think would work well in this remaining point room.

    1. Another Unit of 3 Chariots (More speed and Chariot goodness)
    2. Ushabti (Hard hitting statues of whupass)
    3. Carrion + Tomb Swarms (They came from below...and above...and all sides...all at once)
    4. Another Scorpion + Tomb Swarms (Lets play "guess whats coming out of that hole!!!")
    5. BONE GIANT (boy that thing is big....THUMP!!!)
    6. SSC +other stuff (more competitive list but the SSC will likely get left behind the rest of my army.)

    Which do you think I am most in need of in my list. I was wondering how effective the Bone Giant would be as it would give me two terror causing things in my army to mess with the enemy)

    Comments and criticism would be appreciated. I have many dumb ideas which I didnt post for the sake of time, I promise if you post comments I will inflict...oh...I mean share them with you.

    The only honorable options left to we combatants is seppuku or semantics...which amount to the same thing really.
    -Undead Bonzi

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    You have the general view of the army pretty spot on. as for the characters:

    Chariot heroes are not my favourite way to set up, but if its the style your after then this guy seems pretty good. To find the combos that you like best, the best thing to do is playtest.

    The hireo priest is standard, very good.

    The second priest is a bit unorthodox. The terror costs a lot, especially as you cause fear anyway, thats usually enough.

    Skellies are standard, i prefer large blocks of bowmen (cheaper)

    Alsong with the majority of TK players, im not a huge fan of skellie cav. But i can see how they could be used effectivly so if you like them, keep them. Possibly boost the unit size to 12 or 15 (with priest)

    For chariot units, I usually say keep them naked, but as you have a prince joining them , upgrades can be very handy. The musician is possibly not needed, and a Champ is always a waste. Id say go for the Mirage standard if you must take one.

    Scprps are awesome

    250pts left, look at getting another scorp, and/or a swam base + second chariot unit.

    The problem is all the special choices are almost a must have. Ushabti really need to be 4 strong, carrion 5. Its personal preferance to which you take really. The fact chariots are there too makes it even harder

    id say avoid SSCs in fast lists, youll only end up splitting your magic and shooting amongst your own troops. Avoid a Bone Giant for now too, way too expensive.

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