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    Khalida 2K friendly list, offensive playstyle

    Ok, so i was lying in bed last night writing up a list at the request of a fellow LO TK player. The the usual thing happened to me as happens when im away from my army for a long time. I began to think up new lists which i could, but probably never would, use.

    Ive wanted to try out Khalida for a long time, but i dont really have the 2xSSCs that her usual list is associated with. So i began to think how i could do things a little different, and instead of the obvious Casket, i thought about using a Bone Giant, and from there, the list developed to this:


    Tomb Queen Khalida

    Hierophant Liche Priest
    Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar

    Liche Priest
    Steed,Staff of Ravening

    Tomb Prince
    Chariot, LA, S, Spear


    10 Skeleton Bowmen

    3 Chariots (Prince here)

    Scarab Swarm


    Tomb scorpion

    19 Tomb Guard, FC, Icon of Rakaph

    3 carrion

    3 Ushabti


    Bone Giant

    Hmm... looking at it afterwards it doesnt seem such a good idea. The character cost is so high that you cant get a lot else in there. I even had to break a few of my own rules (3 Ushabti not 4!) to get it all in 2K. I also wanted a SSC in there still.

    Maybe it would look better at 2.5K. the Prince having Antarhak and an Eshield, SB and UDL banner on the Chariots. an SSC in there, beef up the archer unit, or duplicate it. Add an ushabti and 2 Carrion...

    If anyone wants to try this out feel free, Lorenz would be a good idea for it i think. I would, but with games taking 3hours upwards, and me having no laptop of my own, it would be a bit difficult.

    Thanks for reading anyway, just another product of my sleepy mind...

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    Hmmm, quite an interesting list Dec. I thought a Khalida army is associated with shooting, hence her blessing of the asp rule, so all bowmen have poisened shooting. And yes the casket is good choice by you, liche preists are good (like the ones you helped me make:party. Lots of specials, maybe add another unit of bowmen with both having blessing of the asp. But I agree with you that it would play better in 2.5k definatley, you could fit in that 4th Ushabti, and maybe 2 SSC with SotF. Just trying to repay the help you've given me:happy:
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    13 arrows, you fail. Hrm, I'll have to look this one over a few times before I pass judgement on it .

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