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    My 1K list and opponents 1K Empire

    My list

    Tomb Prince w/ great weapon, light armour, collar of shapesh.
    Pts 131

    Liche Priest (Hierophant) w/ hand weapon, hieratic jar, cloak of the dunes.
    Pts 160

    Liche Priest w/ hand weapon, skeletal steed.
    Pts 123

    19 Skeletons w/ hand weapons, spears + shields.
    Pts 171

    10 Skeletons w/ hand weapons, bows.

    3 Chariots w/ banner of the undying legion.
    Pts 165

    Tomb Scorpion

    Tomb Scorpion

    Total Pts 1000

    Opponent's List

    Warrior Priest (General) w/ full plate, great weapon.

    LvL 2 Wizard w/ rod of power

    30 Swordsmen w/ full command, 10 man free company detachment

    10 Crossbowmen.

    10 Crossbowmen.

    5 Huntsmen

    5 Huntsmen

    15 Flagellants

    5 Knights w/ Cavalry hammers (great weapons)

    There you go Deceiver I hope you can help me out with this very annoying Empire list. There is only 1 thing that I like about it..... artillery at all!

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    579 (x8)

    No Artillary! Well, thats a good place to start, by picking on his weakness. If you decide to play defensive, then he is going to have to come to you.

    So first off, get a SS Catapult in there, and pound his troops with that. Best thing you have for taking out Armoured Knights, and it can panic the rest pretty well too. That 30 strong unit makes a nice big target...

    Drop the Spears from your Skellies. NEVER take spear skellies. To use them as they should, as a sponge, give them HW/S.
    Alternatively, as you are going defensive, maybe have the large unit with Bows too. Given the advancing enemy has only T3, and not the best of Armour (apart from the Knights, but theyre dealt with by the SSC) then you should be able to shoot a few of the smaller units up before they get too close.

    iven you do that, then the 10xBowman unit can be dropped to freee p the points for the SSC. use a sinle swarm as your 2nd Core choice. Good for ICFB or holding up small units as they get close.

    LP, as i said in the last thread, needs the Staff of Ravening if you can get it in.

    Your ICFB units should target the Crossbowmen, Flank or Rear if possible. You wont get any bonus, but at the same time they wont be able to stand and shoot.

    You may also need to drop a Scorp for points, but the Swarm and other Scorp should be enough ICFB wise.

    Basically id say do something like this:

    TP, GW, Collar
    LP (H) Cloak
    LP, SoR

    19Skellies, bows

    3Chariots, SB, BotUL

    SSC, SotF

    That comes to 981 pts i think, add a Banner and Music to the Warrior unit or something..
    Last edited by Phoenix; November 25th, 2007 at 18:55.

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