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    2000pts first one for a while + question on character placement.

    Hi, this is the first tomb king list i've put together for a while, because i've been distracted by other armies, studying, money and other apparently important stuff.
    feedback appreciated...

    Characters: 785

    Tomb king: 271
    - Destroyer of eternities
    - brooch of the great desert
    - light armour
    - shield

    Tomb Prince: 194
    - chariot
    - Flail of Skulls
    - Light armour
    - shield

    Lcihe priest (heirophant): 160
    - cloak of the dunes
    - heiratic jar

    Liche Priest: 160
    - staff of ravening


    10 Skeleton bowmen

    4 chariots: 205
    - banner
    - banner of undying legion

    3 chariots

    19 Tomb Guard: 292
    - champion, Standard
    - Icon of Rakaph

    4 Carrion

    Tomb scorpion

    Bone Giant

    Screaming skull catapult: 110
    - skulls of foe

    total: 1993

    hmm, oh yeah, there's no musician in the tomb guard even though i can afford it, because I want the Tomb King to be more central and thus get more base contact attacks.
    Do i have to do this? I cant remember whether the character can displace the command group from the front middle or not?


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    The DoE King definitely needs the Collar for a save, so loose his broach for that.

    Others look good, possibly mount the SoR Priest, to effectively increase his range.

    Assuming the Prince is joining the 4 Chariot unit, id say 5 across is a bit too big, so id recommend dropping a chariot from the unit.
    If hes with the 3 Chariots, then id say give them the magic banner instead.

    The rest looks ok. Bone Giant isnt everyones favoured choice, i think its a little over priced.

    Careful how you play this list. With it having some fast combat units, you may find your SSC rather unused or inneffective. Then again if you sit back on it too much, you will have the opposite problem of getting charged and loosing he Initiative.

    Characters and command can be rankd up however you like in the front rank of a unit. Now, in 7th ed, the CG no longer has to be central wth characters outside. They can sit however you like. Id say give the TG Music personally.

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