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    1000 points tomb kings. First try.

    Okay so I played my first game with tomb kings against Ogre Kingdoms and I got shut out.
    anyways I'm trying to improve on my list so can someone help me on this list.

    Hero- Tomb Prince w/ Armour of the Ages, Shield, hand Weapon -137
    - Liche Priest w/Brooch of the Great Desert- 165
    Core- 20 Skeletons w/ Hand weapons, shields, light armour, full command- 205
    - 16 Skeletons w/bows, light armour, musician(point filler) -176
    - 16 skeleton heavy Horesman, Spears, Full Command, Banner of the Undying Legion

    Comments/Critics is very much appreciated

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    Drop the Princes AoA for the Collar of Shapesh, and give him a GW.
    Having your Hireo with just a 'Scroll' is a waste really. Get him the Cloak of the Dunes atleast. Possibly keep the broach if you want a scroll in there.

    Point filler bowmen.. not the best idea. Drop them down to 10 or 12, loose the LA and Music.

    Add 4 skellies to the larger unit and have the prince in there too, 5x5 formation.

    16 Horsemen!?! slightly too big imo. Personally i dont really like them at all, but if you want to keep them, id say 12 in 2 ranks will be fine. Drop the champ.

    Use spare points to get some of the more fun and useful things into your army. Tomb Scorpion, one is a must i think. Screaming Skull Catapult, i never battle without it. A single Scarab swarm can be useful for ICFB scorp partnership. Another Priest wouldn hurt, in order to get your magic a bit more successful and dominating.

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