3500 Tournament ideas requested - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    3500 Tournament ideas requested

    There's going to be a 3500 point Fantasy tournament in April at my local store. It will be Hard Boyz rules which means no composition, paint, etc. scores. Just pure battle points. So I was wondering in anyone has experience running their TK at that level and had any helpful suggestions. I have been considering a running a Settra list just for the fun of actually getting to run him but I think Khalida and a HLP would be more competitive.

    I know there is going to be at least one Wood Elf player who knows his army very well, a skaven player, Brettonian, High Elf, possibly Empire, and at least one Choas player (Khorne I think).

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    Khalida would be a nice choice, being such a high points limit would make her viable. Settra not so good i think due to the huge restrictions on your army.
    (Also, remember Khalida counts as a King for getting core Chariots and the Skellie banner, and also her Irresistible force incantation is the same as a Priests, i.e 12" range)

    A LHP would make a great second Lord too, equipped with the Cloak of Dunes and Mighty Plaques.

    With that Character setup, it will obviously be best to go for a Magic heavy defensive list.
    Therefore complete your Character selection with 2 Priests and a Prince, and then choose one between a Prince, Priest or IB, whichever you fancy.
    Give one Priest the Hiratic jar and possibly something else like a scroll if you have the points left to add one at the end. Mount the other on a Horse with the Staff of ravening.
    Prince, if on foot go with the Collar and a GW, put im in the skellie bow uniit with the magic banner. If in Chariot, the tooling options are self preferance really, though i do like the Antarhak + EShield combo.

    For rare choices, go with a Casket (stick your lowest hieratic level casting ordered Priest on it) and Dual SSCs.

    Now, for Core Choices. 2 units of 3 Chariots. If you are taking 2 Princes, possibly make them both Chariot mounted and add them to these units. If just 1, and you want him in a Chariot, add him to a unit and add a banner and magic banner (Warbanner or Undying legion). Also increasee the second unit to 4 Strong with banner.

    Having Khalida, 2 blocks of 20-25 poisoned bow skellies would go nicely. Possibly 1 with a Magic banner (the one the Chariots dont have) and both units with Music.

    Also throw in a swarm or 2, and a unit or 2 of 5-6 Light Cav. (Poisoned arrows maybe) Leave these choices until the end though, to fill up spare points. There are far more important thing to be had in the Special category! (Also, if you want to, take a mounted priest with the staff of ravening and have him with one of the Cav units. Its a great magic missile)

    Ok, so specials. A unit of 24 Tomb Guard with Full Command and Icon of Rakaph would be great for Khalida to join.

    2 Scorpions and a unit of 5 Carrion, and also a unit of 4 Ushabti. Possibly have 2 carrion units and 1 Scorp, depending on what you fancy (only do this if you take Core Swarms too, for ICF
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    Yeah, right now I am torn between taking standard TK/HLP or Khalida. She is quite good at this level, but I wonder if shaving points might be better.

    I am still debating the Settra list, but I think that I won't due to not knowing what/if any scenarios there will be.
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