First TK list: VS DE on Monday March 24 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    First TK list: VS DE on Monday March 24

    I usually play Dwarfs and I love the core dwarf warrior so I assume at 1000 points TK core would be great as well. This is modled after my dwarf list in that there are a couple of sponge units, a support unit to take out a rank, a 'hammer' unit and basic hero builds. Do you think this build "Dwarf inspired build" will work for TK? The DE player I will play against is very new (like me) so I am not sure he has the neuances of the DE army down yet.

    Prince - light armor and shield
    Priest (H) - Cloak
    Priest - Jar

    16 warriors - light armor, handweapon and shields FC (priest here)
    16 warriors - light armor, handweapon and shields FC (prince here)
    11 Bowmen

    3 chariots
    1 Scorpion

    If he takes bolt throwers then I will use the scorpion "it came from below" but otherwise I will just deploy it normally, right? Do you think I need to protect the Prnice better or give him a better weapon? Going aganist elves I figured the basic strenght is okay and the 3 wounds will keep him alive longer than normal (plus DE are not know for high strenght at this level right?). I have had success with dwarfs with this build at this level, and as TK can raise their units back I assume it would work even better than basic dwarf warrior blocks in wars of static combat.

    With DE being a small army I figuure I can get away with no catapult and rely upon my archers to take out a dark rider or two. I only fear his stuff which are high in strenght, but figure I can hold them in place and win through CR and fear. I suppose this is the basic tactic of the TK?


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    All those skellies arent really needed, id just go for one large unit of 19, and have the Prince there. The Priests shouldnt be sat inside units really. Id gor for bows and music and nothing else (The Prince's incantation is useful early on then) But some people prefer HW/S/LA with Music and Banner.

    10 Bowmen are an ok choice, but i think a Swarm is much beter tactically and cost wise at low points. He can assist your Scorp if needed.

    Chariots and Scorp are good.

    The Prince definitely needs something more, ill recommend the Collar of Shapesh and a Great Weapon

    Screaming Skull Catapult, these things are amazing for killing. Especially when firing twice with good magic supt, which you have.

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    And how'd the battle go?
    A Tau Ethereal was thought to have been killed today by a Bloodthirster. However, many Tau were seen fleeing the scene and are considered suspects.

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