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    1500 Defensive/Friendly

    Hey guys. I've just been trying to make a list that I can stick with for awhile. Playing friendly games but I would like to see atleast decent results, occassionaly IMPRESSIVE! Haha, I made a list based on the restrictions of what models I have in my possession and played my friend's OK army, and boy did I get mine handed to me. You're lucky if your Casket goes off at all in a game but it does definitely suck up those dispel dice allowing most of your incantations to go off which is nice. Anyways! Here's a 1500 point defensive list.

    Tomb Prince
    Armour of the Ages
    Great Weapon

    Liche Priest

    Liche Priest (H)
    Cloak of the Dunes
    Hieratic Jar

    10 Archers

    10 Archers

    20 Warriors
    Musician, Standard

    2 Tomb Swarm

    17 Tomb Guard
    Full Command
    Undying Legion

    3 Ushabti

    Tomb Scorpion

    Screaming Skull Catapult
    Skulls of the Foe

    Total 1496

    Originally, I wanted to get in another unit of Ushabti except instead of 3 I wanted to run the second 4 wide. I wanted to use the 3 wide unit as a flanker for the Guard and use the 4 wide unit as an anvil unit for the flanking Warriors.

    Since that's not happening in this list GAHhhhh, the guard and warriors are anvils and the ushabti is the only flanker I have. The scoprion might get flank or rear ambush but in most cases, its going with the swarm to hunt warmachines and lone chars.

    I really need help making a long lasting list at 1500 if anyone has any tips i'd be truly grateful thanks again guys!

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    2 Units of 4 Ushabti would be one way to spend masses of points at this level! Especially alongsde the TG. Though i would like to see how it worked, the Scorp would be missed dearly i think.

    On the whole the list looks good. Id say loose the princes Armour for the Collar, but that about it.
    Possibly combine the 2x10 archers into 1 unit of 20, that way they can get you some Static Res too.

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