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    2000 point construct

    So was looking at what i have for models and after playing my current tomb king list i thought why not try a construct heavy list.

    (first off before you all say it yayaya IB = crap, but i wanted to give it a shot and thought it worked well with the construct theme)


    King Chariot, fire, shield, spear, shapesh. (not sure about his gear yet just kinda threw it together)
    Priest (H) cloak/jar
    Priest horse/SoR
    IB Horse/IoSE


    3 Chariot
    3 Chariot
    6 Light horse
    6 Light horse
    20 Warrior, Music/Standard

    4 Ushabti


    comes to 1999

    main thinking, don't bury scorps and deploy all constructs on one flank with the fast calv with the priest in it and the IB in the Ushabti unit. on the other flank we have the king on chariot, with both chariot unit and other fast calv unit. with archers in middle with hero to shoot things (lined up 20 wide till combat comes then they

    point on this, ushabti get the +1 to hit on first round of combat, with 4 of them hitting, 12 hits, on probably 2/3 wounding on 2/3, should do some dmg, also adds in a static CR for them, and if they loose need to loose by at least 3 before anything bad happens. Priest unit with them for some magic charge/healing support.

    King on other flank can run things along the side and come in using his enchants to hit up both chariots to charge.

    Hiro/archers in middle, hiro with them till combat is due then he can fly away. Adds in some needed ranged support with the unit and a decent anvil that i can use to hold enemy's to crush with either chariot or construct hammer (if need be)

    was debating between BoUL on skellys and 2 units of 5 light calv, or no banner and 2 units of 6 light calv. still haven't decided.

    what you guys think?

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    Hmm, im unsure on the Warriors tbh, a bit slow. And with an IB and no Casket, i think your best bet for a General would be a LHP. Run your 4th Special as a unit of 3 Chariots with banner + magic banner, Prince in there.

    For core then have the 2 Light Cavs, and 2 Swarms.

    Rest looks good.

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