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    2K LHP + IB List

    I went back to square one in my army building, (still searching for my anti daemon build...) this week and came up with this, somewhat unusual list...


    Liche High Priest - Golden Ankhra, Cloak of the Dunes and Hieratic Jar
    Reasonably standard setup, HJ and Plaques are interchangable, if you ficus your incantations properly most opponents will struggle to stop his domination in the magic pahse.

    Tomb Prince - Flail of Skulls, Chariot
    There are better options than this but I hate, HATE flesh hounds and the flail is the answer against these cracked units,it is also good against any multi wound target which the chariots may struggle to deal with otherwise!

    Liche Priest - Skeletal Steed, Staff of Ravening
    Standard build magic support

    Icon Bearer - Skeletal Steed, Banner of the Hidden Dead
    The most controversial selection without a doubt, included for the banner and his ability to reduce the Ushabti's crumbling after receiving a charge. When timed correctly the banner almost guarantees a flank/rear charge (from the heavy horse!) due to the magical prowess of the HLP. I treat the IB like a Liche Priest and avoid combat like the plague!


    20 Skeleton Archers - Standard and Champion
    Firebase and rank and file tarpit to be combined with Ushabti/Chariots etc

    5 Heavy Horsemen - Standard
    Never been a fan of these i must admit, but when positioned to charge an enemy with a narrow flank or in the rear of weaker opposition they are gold! Standard is included for the extra static CR!

    2 Tomb Swarm
    Substitute for my second Scorpion, to perform the same role, dealing with war machines and mages etc

    *Due to the change in composition from the king led army, the special units have been buffed up to increase their flexibility and/or strength.

    4 Ushabti
    Our heavy hitters, just be careful they are not charged by anything with alot of S5+ attacks, they die pretty quickly!

    5 Carrion
    Upped their numbers by two for them to get US5, at this level they get flank and rear bonuses which means they can be used in a pinch for combination charges particularly in the flank to reduce the damage they may take, 10 Attacks against archer formations is great too!

    Tomb Scorpion
    It just seems wrong taking only 1. I have not been using ICFB with this guy recently instead he has been taking guard duty at the back of my army against their fast elements going after the catapults!

    3 Chariots - Standard with Banner of the Undying Legion
    Much tougher unit with standard and bound raise, combined with the TP this is my shock unit. When combined with the flying HLP this unit is positively lethal with essentially a 24" charge range!


    Screaming Skull Catapult
    Screaming Skull Catapult


    This list is a big departure from my more common lists and is proving a very different challenge. It allows, nay demands a more aggresive outlook, the ability to bring on the Heavy Cav unit (via the standard bearer) to support a combat or force a flank charge at a crucial moment has proved decisive in two games already. The army is very small at the start of the game but it does work to your advantage as your opponent is worrying about the threat of phantom units that are not yet on the board and you will very often get the first turn!

    As always comments and critiques are welcomed!


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    I've playtested using the banner of the hidden legion on multiple occasions. The problem with it is,

    1: your opponent knows wich unit is under.

    2: All the units you can possible hide for only 100 points are too small or frail. More often than not, you would need the extra support against a tough unit, and these units generally mash very easely through heavy horsemen (realisticly, they are fast cavalry that are not fast). If you plan on using them against daemons, they will surely not make it through the round of combat without losing their US5.

    3: When you factor the cost of the banner and the Iconbearer, the unit costs nearly triple it's points to hide.

    Your Ushbati should never be in position to be on the recieving end of a charge. They have a 15 inch reach thanks to our magic, and if use in a good defensive manner, they will always be the ones giving the hurt.

    If you do put your Iconbearer with them for survival purposes, your opponent will simple put all available attacks onto your Iconbearer. Weak defensive stats and a 5+ save, he will go down in 1 round against any decent offensive unit.

    An additional liche priest would get you at cheaper cost : More movement magic, giving you outmanouverability at close range, more strength in your magic phase. Without the Plaque, I think your HLP will be shut down without more priest support. 8 PD doesn't cut it in an army that direly requires it's magic to function.

    Unless they revise the Iconbearer to be more in line with the other tomb king characters, I doubt he will be any more useful in the next edition. I have found that if things are going to go ill, 1 less skeleton rarely makes the difference. Additional magic generally always ends up more utility.
    Best Regards,

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    I'd say forget about the Hidden Dead Banner, its very expensive for just a chance of getting a single rear charge, and those Heavy Cav wont hold up for long, id drop their banner tbh.

    Drop the GA from the LHP, save yourself some points there.

    Add shield and LA to the Prince if you have the spare pts, may as well lol.

    Special and Rare are fine (Upgrade Catapults though! )

    Id say, maybe run the IB in the skellie unit, give them Music and the IB possibly Armour of Ages and Vambraces of Sun (he's practically a Prince)

    Or maybe even have the IB in a Chariot and the Prince on foot?

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