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Thread: 2k Tk list

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    2k Tk list

    Tomb King, armour of the ages, crook & flail of radiance 255

    Liche priest, Casket, enkhils kanopi 300

    Liche priest, cloak of dunes, hieratic jar 160

    Icon bearer, icon of the sacred eye 115

    19 Skeleton Warriors, shields, command 177

    20 Skeleton Warriors, shields, command 185

    10 Skeleton Bowmen 80

    4 Ushapti 260

    18 Tomb Guard, command, Botul 271

    Tomb Scorpion 85

    Screaming skull, skulls of the foe 110

    Looks alright for the moment. I have never used an icon bearer so this will be the first time. I think the Tomb king build is quite killy and i have deliberately not included chariots as mine are a bit bashed but i may get some more.

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    Unless you're playing Ogres a lot, drop the Kanopi, its a bit crap to put it nicely

    Id recommend swapping the AoAges for the CoShapesh.

    Assuming the IB is going in the TG, thats a lot of points in what is, imo, a not very good unit. Look at putting the same IB with the 4 Ushabti, then things die As you can see, Ush + TG is a VERY expensive combo of units, id say lose the TG and definitely look at getting some chariots.

    If you want Shield skellies, then but them Light Armour too. Otherwise just use their basic Bow, very useful for picking models off. Id say drop the Champs too.
    Lose the unit of 10 Bowmen and grab 6 Light Cav, or a couple of Tomb swarms to support the Scorp.

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