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    Tournement list 2000 pts

    Hi all,

    Long time... I came up recently with this new list. I will wrote why I took each unit, but I'm open to any new comment.

    I was also wondering if someone here live in Canada, or know if Canada is making big tournement... I'm searching desperatly a place to test my skill, but it seems that we don't have much big tournement.

    Finaly I'm having a 2250 pts tournement in February. I know it's still long time, but what do you think I should add?

    Thanks a lot

    Tomb King-313
    Light armour, Chariot, Flail of Skulls, Chariot of fire, Golden Eyes of Rach-Nut

    I know some will argue that I should swtich King and Prince place, but the main purpose of the King if to kill big target. With the standart of Undying Legion and My will be done, he should have 3 chance to make the charge at the good time. I want to kill dragon, hydra, geant and things like that. I'm really having a hard time killing elves dragons...

    Tomb Prince-129 pts
    Great Weapon, Collar of Shapesh

    Going with the Tomb Guard. He adds the attacking power to the unit.

    Liche priest -135 pts (Hierophant)
    Cloak of Dunes

    The casual hierophant.

    Liche priest -270 pts
    Casket of Soul

    I love this guy... Not sure if he always worth it, but he helps a lot my magical turn. usually ennemis keep two dice just for him.

    Core:-341 pts

    10 Skeleton Bowmen -

    I took them to kill annoying thing like ratling gun, small skirmishers unit or mage walking alone, because they always hit on 5.

    3 Chariots -
    Standard Bearer, Banner of the Undying Legion
    -Tomb King's Chariot goes here

    The will go after big target with the King

    5 Light Horsemen -

    Not sure about them. I usually use them to annoy ennemies and to kill the same target of the bowman.

    Maybe switch them for swarm? More bowman? More magic items?

    Special: -728

    19 Tomb guard -280 pts
    Icon of Rakaph
    -Tomb Prince goes here

    The anvil of my army.

    4 Ushabti

    These guy rocks. Ther are the hitting power who flank the T.G.

    Tomb Scorpion

    Tomb Scorpion

    The only unit that I don't own is the carrions, so I can't take any for the moment. Instead I took 2 scorpion. I don't always use ICFB. Sometime I use one to make suicidal charge against important target. Their killing blow is amazing.

    Rare:- 100pts

    Screaming Skull Catapult
    Skull of the foes

    This is the usual SSC.

    So thanks a lof for your attention.

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    Son of LO Wolf_Pack's Avatar
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    150 (x8)

    I would really try and sneak in some dispel scrolls in there. 2 would be a nice amount (brooch of the great desert can work if you want to play with your character allowances).

    I would exchange roles for your king and prince. Prince on chariot, King on foot. I just don't like to put him in a unit where he would not get a look out sir! roll. It also takes him away from the center, where the extra My will be done! has the most chances of being very needed. Plus, a destroyer of eternities makes any player with minimal common sense stay away from it as if it was a feverish plague.

    A sacrificial unit is always good to have to bait frenzied units. The light horsemen can do this well. Unless you would like to bumo up your archers to 20 strong I would keep them around for the sake of utility.

    With 2 scorpions, swarms are most likely an overkill. I like them because they end up freeing a special slot when you need one, and have enough US to weigh more on flanks or rears. Poison attacks are very nice against giants or even hydras.

    Ushabti a great in a defensive setup. They are a deceptively good reach due to incantations. always keep them in range of your Priests and they will server you well.
    Best Regards,

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