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Thread: 2000 army list

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    2000 army list

    ok this is my new army list

    Tomb king Shield, LA chariot armour of eternity and sword of battle

    Liche priest (H) Hieretic jar and dispel scroll
    Liche priest serpent staff and dispel scroll
    Liche priest steed, dispel scroll and hiretic jar (if you can't have two hiretic jars another dispel scroll)

    20 warriors, LA and full command and warrbanner
    22 bowmen, LA, bows for spears and shields and full command
    8 heavy horsemen and full command
    3 chariots full command and BotCW

    15 Tomb guard full command and BotUL

    SSC and SotF

    2000 points please don't hold back on comments

    Last edited by Nagash777; August 10th, 2009 at 12:48.

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    Armour of Eternity... Serpent staff... is this list serious?? hehe

    And 4 scrolls is a complete overkill waste of points. Oh look, dwarves! (Btw, you cant have 2 Hjars unfortunately One of each non-scroll magic item only).

    Im not to sure as to how you have Bowmen with spears, am i reading something wrong there?

    Drop the Chariot Champion. And probably the Heavy Horse Champ too... the cav unit could do with being a little bigger, 10 strong atleast, to be worthy of fielding. And add BotUL.

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    BotUL should not be on your Tomb Guard.

    I've never had a battle where I haven't been glad that my TG have the Free reform banner (cant remember the name). Odd how a lot of people forget about it...

    No Scorpions?????
    Current painting project: 2300 pts of Dwarfs in 5 weeks.

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    My Spotify

    115 (x5)

    *Totally agrees with above*

    It seems as I need to help my little brother777 over here

    • How many TGs are there?
    • Just type "LA, Spears" or "Skeleton Spearmen - LA" it is easier to understand than (swapping) "bows for spears and shields" <---- this will be hard to understand And why do you name them "Bowmen" when they got Spears?!?
    • That many Dispel Scroll will not be needed, unless you field a VC Army with ethereal focus and dozens of Necromancers I would suggest one (to prevent THAT crucial spell), but no more than two Scrolls... This will give us 50-75 points to spend elsewhere!
    • The Serpent Staff is a funny Item I only use it when I am underestimating an opponent *Whip myself* "Bad Nagash!" Delete this Item unless you are VERY familiar with TK... 25 points to spend elsewhere.
    • Give the Hierophant Cloak of the Dunes. It is the best save you can give him, and believe me - you don't want him to die Let him keep the HJ.
    • So we got two LPs (one mounted and one on foot) with no Magic Items but one Scroll. The LP that is not mounted already: field him on a Casket of Souls, I'm sure you'll find it a good choice. 165 points spent here. We're 65 points above the maximum limit of points now
    • You don't need to pay points for LA as long as you wear Magic Armour. But now, we're going to change the Armour of Yours (and the blade) to another Item Setup Erase both of them, and I will give you two (there are more, but these will give you a clue atleast) examples of TK build-ups (dismounting him from the Chariot!)
      • Destroyer of Eternities, Collar of Shapesh
        • Pretty Classic Killing power, survivability...
      • Crook and Flail of Radiance, Armour of the Ages/Death Mask of Kharnut, Vambraces of the Sun (if DMoK isn't chosen)
        • A Rare setup I like it: ASF, 5 S5 attacks. W5(!) and -1 opponent attack or Terror(!) makes a good defense for those who have survived the attacks from the TK or those who wants to attack him.
    • If we say that you choose the Classic Setup, we got 48 points to spend elsewhere. With this said, we're not more than 17 points over the limit
    • I'm not exactly that clear about what you've paid for or not paid for - but it seems as the first Skellie Unit is equipped with Hand Weapons, Light Armour and Shields while the other one is equipped with Light Armour, Spears and Shields.
      • Hand Weapon Skellies: I would suggest that you switch the HWs for Bows and erase the LA... However, it seems like this unit is made to be the Static CR in the Army. Keep the Unit as it is, unless you want a shooting one.
      • Spear Skellies: They just don't work very well! You've paid 2 more points for each of these, a cost that exceeds every limit! These guys are Skellies, no Elites. Replace everything on these guys with nothing more than Bows. Command: Only Musician.
    • Guess what? We recently recieved 64 additional points to spend elsewhere, 84 if you change the other unit to Bowmen too (which is almost the cost for a Scorp!)
    • For these SHH, you've paid a total of 163 points, but these guys will not be able to do the work of a unit of chariots. Replace them with 4 Chariots without any upgrades 3 additional points to spend, making it a total of 50/70 "FREE" points
    • Full Command on Chariots is not necessary... If a Character is joining the Unit, afford a Standard Bearer. If no Character is joining the unit, field 4 Chariots without any upgrades. And now, there will be no character in the unit since he is on foot 4 Chariots, no upgrades will replace the current Chariot Unit. We will achieve 35 additional points for this, oh... What are we supposed to do with those points?!? Spend them
    • Now, at least 85 points can be spent on whatever you might like I would go for a Scorp!
    • Once again, I'm interested How many TGs is there?

    Hope It Helps You ALOT!

    //Nagash, the Post-Bomber

    Ask Nagash! Click on the banner...
    WiP TK Army!

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