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    Member Prince Tutumra's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
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    1500 Tk Army + home made SSC (pics)

    Hello, this is one of my many lists that i have been toying with. I have taken the time to read the beginners guides and many other posts.


    Prince Tutumra 146 pts
    Great Weapon
    Collar of Shapesh
    Vambraces of the Sun

    Liche Priest Shakmet 160 pts
    Cloak of the Dunes
    Dispell scroll

    Liche Priest Amun 168 pts
    Staff of ravening
    Skeleton Steed

    20 skeleton Warriors 209 pts
    champ, standard, light AR, Shields

    12 Skeleton Archers 128 pts
    Champ, standard, light AR

    12 Skeleton Archers 128 pts
    Champ, Standard, light AR

    8 Heavy Cav 181 pts
    Champ, standard, Banner of the undying

    1 Tomb Swarm 45 pts

    1 Tomb Scorpion 85 pts

    3 Chariots (1 unit) 190 pts
    Standard, Icon of the Sacred Eye

    Screaming Skull Catapult 110 pts
    Skulls of the Foe

    Total 1550 pts

    Also i am happy with the way my SSC turned out. I built it out of leftover sprue's, mostly spears and a couple banners.

    anyway, thanks for reading and i am looking forward to all your thoughts.

    Last edited by Prince Tutumra; August 23rd, 2009 at 00:16.

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    High Priest of LO Nagash's Avatar
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    Nagashizzar, Cripple Peak
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    That SSC looks very good!

    However, I'm here to comment the List and give you advices:
    • It seems to me that you've exceeded the points limit... I will help you cut off 50 points for sure
    • Tutumra: Looks fine.
    • Shakmet: The incantations that we cast are tactical and re-building. I would suggest that you switch the DS for the Hieratic Jar. It will be more usefull in these games, where DSs grant less protection (less spells in play, less enemy wizards, the common pool DDs are far more valuable etc...).
    • Amun: Classic - Good!
    • SSC: Perfect
    • Chariots: Drop the Standard Bearer along with the Magic Standard. Add an extra Chariot instead. Now we will have a more effective (in many cases) unit for 30 less points
    • SHH: I would switch this Unit for SLHs. They will grant a good protection to the SoR-Priest and give him the ability of being Fast Cav. In addition, they cost less. I would go for 5, acting as a bodyguard for the LP. By this change, we can cut 111 points!
    • Skellie Warriors: Personally, I would recommend Bowmen They are cheaper, and when accompanied by Chariots and other flankers, they are just as good as the HW/S Skellies. In addition, they will be able to hurt your opponent before Combat - and he will often judge the Bowmen as an easy target and expose a flank. I will only change one thing in this Unit; delete the Champion.
    • Skellie Bowmen: You shouldn't buy LA to these guys... You can easily resummon them if you would like to do so. Field them in bigger Units, and they will be able to act as a "sponge" for your flankers so that they will be able to make good charges. Standard Bearer and Champion is often not a good choice, keep the cheap Units cheap 64 points here.
    • I would suggest that you put the two Bowmen regiments together into one unit. Add a Musician.
    • We got 160 points to spend! It's perfect! Now we can afford a second Unit of Chariots. 4 Chariots, no command - 160 pts... We do not exceed the point limit anymore either
    Hope It Helps!

    //Nagash, the Corrupt

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    Senior Member Vallah's Avatar
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    Hail Tutamura! Always happy to help out a fellow prince.

    I'd like to echo the comments our high priest made about your SSC. Very nice work bud, kudos!

    I would also like to add some helpful advice too but Nagash totally nailed it with his post and anything I might add would fall into the personal choice category. Good stuff all round methinks.

    So I guess we're all good then. I love a happy ending.
    Because Sun Tzu would play Tomb Kings...

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