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    3000 pts army list

    hey guys i need a good / decent 3k army list for a turny and really have no clue where to start .. weather i go magic heavey with HLP .. or shooting with special toon.. or lord and doe .... any suggestions ?

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    Well, at 3k, you get two lords, so you don't have to choose between a TK and a HLP, take both! You also get three rares, so two SSCs and a casket. With the TK, chariots are core, so load up on those, but spend exactly 120 points a unit More points doesn't translate into more real estate/frontage, so I would hesitate to take more units of bowmen than you would in a smaller game, although I do see the wisdom in beefing up the units you're already taking so that they can serve double duty as tarpits. I normally take one large block of TG at 2k, so maybe take a second one at 3k? Then again, maybe you're better off with an additional scorpion or flock of seagulls, er, I mean carrion.

    Realistically, I think that the only real difference between 2k and 3k is that you get to have both flavors of lords, and you get an addititional rare. Everything else just scales up, but not as much as you might think, given the points spent on the extra lord and catapult.

    You might consider taking The Big Man Himself, although it means no LPs...still, he is a bad mamajama, and I like the thought of taking a whole bevy of prince-led chariot squadrons with three catapults lobbing death at the foe.
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