Hello all, I have developed a magic heavy TK list and would gladly take any feedback. Let me know what works and what is an epic fail. Also does anyone know of any good/stupendous character builds for TK? Thanks

Here is what ive got:

Tomb King w/ great weapon
- Armour of Ages, Brooch 236

Liche Priest - Heirophant
-cloak of dunes, Jar 165
Liche Priest
- skeletal steed, staff of ravening 168
Liche Priest
- casket of souls, collar of shapesh 305

16 Warriors w/ bows 128
3 Chariots w/ champ 160
3 Chariots w/ champ 160
5 Light Horsemen 70

19 Tomb Guard w/ standard bearer
-Banner of Undying Legion 153
3 Ushabti 195
3 Carrion 72
Tomb Scorpion 85

Total = 1997 pts.

All said and done, between the King, three Liche Priest's, two bound spells, and the casket, it comes out to 10d6 + 7 in the magic phase and 5 dispell dice, plus essentialy two dispell scrolls. So what is the overall verdict? Thanks fellas.
3 Carrion