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    2250 Tomb King ~friendly list

    Hello all, I'm new here and I've
    recently started a new tomb kings army, my second army in the warhammer fantasy
    system. I play about once a week at a local games store and we're mostly
    friendly players. Anyway since I'm starting this new army (got some fo it
    purchased and in assembly) I would like some advice on the setup of it, what I
    want is a varied and fun-to-play list that still works goodish competatively.My
    list currently looks like this:


    /Tomb king 263pts
    *Light armor, Chariot, Spear of Antarhak, Enchanted Shield
    [Ment for an up-front role as a part of a
    small chariot unit, staying close to other hard hitting units such as the other
    chariot unit or the Ushabti enabeling him to use both his incantations to
    maximise offensive utilty, spear is to keep his unit alive w/o a priest close,
    shield to add some resillience (I had a few spare points)]

    /Liche Priest (Heirophant) 135pts
    *Cloak of the dunes
    [Held back in a unit of skeleton bowmen, ready to escape with his cloak]

    /Liche Priest 280pts
    *Casket of souls
    [Placed at the back on a hill or open ground idealy close to the SCC for extra fire power
    in the magic phase]

    /Liche Priest
    *Hieratic jar
    [Center stage priest, close to Tomb Guard and Skeleton warriors enableing fast movement etc]


    /Skeleton Archers
    <20> 160pts
    [next to the SCC]

    /Skeleton Archers <10> 80pts

    /Skeleton Archers
    <10> 80pts

    Skeleton Warriors <15> 145 pts
    *Hand weapon, Shield, Light armor, Standard bearer
    [Ment as a tar-pit unit midfield to slow enemy advance and add weight to
    close combat together with the tomb guard or Ushabti]

    <3> 170pts
    *Icon of the sacred eye
    [king's unit]

    /Chariots <3> 120pts


    /Ushabti <3> 195pts
    [Hammer unit]

    /Tomb guard <20> 304pts
    *Standard bearer, Champion, Icon of Rakaph
    [Manuverable anvil unit]

    /Tomb Scorpion 85pts
    [Using "it came from below!" giving the opponent soemthing to worry about behind his ranks]


    /Screaming Skull Catapult 90pts
    [Doing what it does best]

    //In total 2247 points and a descent list hopefullyThat's it for me, thank you for reading this (:

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