yes, another one starrting tomb kings, but to the chase

Prince, GW, Light armour, collar of shapesh 131

Liche priest 115

Liche priest 115

15 skeletons with bows 120

15 skeletons with bows 120

20 skeletons with spear and shield 180

3 Chariots with full command 170

3 Chariots with no musician 160

20 Tomb guard, full command 270

Screaming skull catapult with skulls of the foe

well my strategy is, put the prince in the unit of tomb guard, flank the tomb guard with the 2 units of chariots, behing these units will go the 2 archer units with the melee skeletons in between them, behind that hopefull on a high rise will be the skull catapult with both of the liche priests. Comment please and id love you opinions