Thinking moreso about trying to dominate the magic phase and just seeing what damage can be done via it.

Tomb King (General)
-Great Weapon
-Armour of Silvered Steel
-Talisman of Endurance
-Ruby Ring of Ruin

Tomb King
-Wizarding Hat

Liche Priest (Hierophant)
-Casket of Souls
-Collar of Shepesh
-Dispel Scroll

Liche Priest
-Enkhil's Kanopi
-Broach of the Great Desert

Tomb Prince
-Great Weapon
-Gambler's Armour
-Seed of Rebirth

Skeletal Spearman x40
-Full Command
-Banner of the Undying Legion

Tomb Swarm x2

Skeletal Archers x22

Special Rare:
Tomb Guard x 15
-Full Command
-Icon of the Sacred Eye

Tomb Scorpions x2

Screaming Skull Catapult x2

Was thinking about general and mobile LP in with the mass of Spearmen to act as a massive tarpit. The King alone should slow anything down. Let the enemy come to me to use archers, SSC and casting to eat away at their troops. Use the Tomb Guard (with prince) to hammer stuff from the flank is able or head long if need be. casting king in with the bowmen, backed by the hierophant and the catapults. Scorpions and swarms for killing war machines and annoying hangers-backs/rear charges.

I'm think with the absolutely massive amount of spellcasting I'll be slinging, I should be able to completely dominate my magic phase and with the Kanopi and dual dispel scroll be able to hurt theirs. I reckon I'll have about 6 incantations, 3 bound items, the CoS and the magical king to keep them busy. Hoping they'll be torn between the CoS and the sorcerer-king.

Anything I'm missing/might want to try?