I have changed my list a bit, still not sure how to dress up my King with magic items, only knwo it will certainly get the dragen gem for 5 pts, 2+ ward save against flaming attacks

Lord/ Hero’s
Tomb King, (Gen.) 170 + '100' = '270'
Liche Priest, collar of shapesh (hyropant) 140
Liche Priest, steed 123
Liche Priest, Enkhil's Kanopi (pwl. 4) 135
Liche Priest, ruby ring of ruin (bound item pwl. 3), 140

10x bow skellies 80
11x bow skellies 88
24x bow skellies + FC(bann of Undying Legion pwl. 3) 242
4x Chariots 160

25x Tomb Guard, FC (Icon of Rakaph) 370
1x Scorpion 85
1x Scorpion 85

1x Screaming Skull Catapul, with skull of the foe 110
1x Bone Giant, 220

Tips and experience welcome with new 8th edition!