Hello there!

Since these undead desertdwellers where the one thing that got me into Warhammer a long time ago, I have decided to build up an army of bones from the city of Mahrak, thus naming my king "Phar" because... well you probably know why.
Anyhood - i have created this 2000 points army that I have themed around the city of Mahrak, and now I would really like it if I could have someone, qualified as I believe you are, give me som feedback as to weightier or not this list of mine is any good against the enemies I encounter (these being Orcs/Goblins and Daemons, mostly the latter)

Tomb King (will be riding with a unit of chariots)
- Flail of Skulls
- Chariot
- Chariot of Fire

Liche Priest (1) - Hierophant
- Hieratic Jar
- Cloak of the Dunes

Liche Priest (2)
- Enkhil's Ankopi

Liche Priest (3)
- Dispel Scroll

15 Bowmen (Priest 2 goes here)
- Full Command Group

15 Bowmen (Priest 3 goes here)
- Full Command Group

20 HW/Sh warriors
- Banner of the Undying Legion
- Full Command Group

5 Chariots (King goes here)
- Musician, Banner
- Icon of the Sacred Eye

3 Ushabti

13 Tomb Guards (Priest 1 goes here)

1 Tomb Scorpion

//2000 points on the spot!

Any feedback would be nice.