[1] Tomb King (Gen) 266
-Great weapon +6
-Amour of slivered Steel +45
-Talisman of Preservation +45
[1] Liche Priest (Hiero) 300
-Casket of souls +165
-Opal Amulet +15
-Ironcurse Icon +5
[1] Liche Priest 145
-Dragonbane Gem +5
-Ruby Ring of Ruin +25
[40] Skeleton Warriors 395
-Spears & Shields +40
-Standard Bearer +10
-Banner of Undying Legion +25
[20] Skeleton Warriors 160
-bows and hand weapons 0
[20] Skeleton Warriors 160
-bows and hand weapons 0
[3] Ushabti 195
[3] Ushabti 195

[1] Screaming Skull Catapult 90
[1] Screaming Skull Catapult 90

Total 1996
Lord 266 < = 500*
Hero 445 < = 500
Core 715 500+
Special 390 < = 1000

for those who didn't do well in school, = means equal too and < means less then.

Standard Tactica
Spear-men hold in front as horde. king and priests behind them to cast Smiting and urgency,
the two units of ushabti are on either side of the horde ready to flank when called to action.
The two catapults are near enough to the casket to get Smiting cast on one of them from the priest.
the two archer units shoot at small peon units like skinks and gnoblers and whatnot.
The priest behind the spearman, I plan on moving him so he has line of sight with some units so he can try and cast a free fireball spell form the ring each possiable turn.
with the big scary box on the hill chances are the fireball will probably go off.

I not sure the real success of such a list due to the small amount of units. I was thinking i could split the archers into 4 groups of 10 rather then 2 groups of 20.