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    1500 pt Possible All commers list???

    Hi all, I made this list up to give a friend of mine who is just starting out abit of a feel of what sort of threats that he might face and to teach him how to deal with them. He was playing dark elves and unintentionally I kicked the living crap of out him. I was wondering what everyone thought and get a feel of whether this list could be a good list against all armies.

    Lords - 221 pts
    Tomb King (Gen) - Great Weapon, Goldon Ankhra (4+ Ward) - 221 pts

    Heroes - 291 pts
    Liche Priest (Hiero) - Collar of Shapesh (Move wound on 4+) - 140 pts
    Tomb Prince on Chariot - Light Armour, Shield, Spear - 151 pts

    Core - 380 pts
    20x Skeleton Warriors - Bows - 160 pts
    10x Skeleton Warriors - Bows - 80 pts
    3x Chariots - Standard Banner - 140 pts

    Special - 295 pts
    20x Tomb Guard - Full Command, Banner of the Undying Legion - 295 pts

    Rare - 310 pts
    1x Screaming Skull Catapult - 90 pts
    1x Bone Giant - 220 pts

    Total Points - 1497 pts

    I had the Tomb King in the Tomb Guard and the Prince in with his chariot friends. The Liche Priest hung out behind the block of 20 archers in range of the SSC and out of line of sight from the DE host. Chariots deployed on one flank and unit of 10 archers protecting the other. Tomb Guard in the centre of the board with the 20 archers on their left with the bone giant on the right, SSC behind.

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    Hi chromy35
    I guess the aswer to your question depends on how you play your list -a real heplful reply q-:

    ... but here are some considerations you could take into account:
    IMHO your skellie block is way too small (keep the ten man bunker for the hiero. though). You need at least 35+ for it to work but then agian you will be able to use it in two ways: as a really threatning bow fire unit and as a grinding sponge unit with the TK. This too makes your magic phase deadly as one incantation will launch 35-40 arrows -that often hurts especially the elves. This point also goes for the TG unit -make it 25 if you can. Where to get the points from? -kill the giant. It's funny but too pricey. Get some scorpions (one at least) -these have multible usages (which is very good in low points all-comers) and have stat lines like characters. Maybe the best thing we have got and you may need something to hunt down those warmachines before they blow your chariot unit away.

    The prince/chariot unit is vunerable to ranged (no look out sir) -you could give him the collar (or/and a magic shield -different choices -check out the possibilities) and keep the hiero. in the 10 man archer unit 1 inch behind the big sponge unit out of unblocked line of sight. It's a bit risky i know... Also if you want to use the chariot regiment for hammer it may be a bit too weak. Those good 7th. ed. times are over regarding charoits

    You need to make the best of what you've got with Tomb Kings -not letting anything go to waste. This is why you could consider squeezing in the Ruby Ring. You only have the BoUL to make use of the new wonderful power dice. But the BoUL -good as it is- will only come in handy i late game. You could use something to make use of the pds before you see CC. You could also consider swiching the BoUL to the now big skellie block to get full use of the banner -leaving the spot on the TGs open to the IotSE -increasing the possibility of killing blows alot. The BoUL works on the TGs too though.

    Hope you can make the use of some of it. Good luck.


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