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    2200-ish Tomb Pirates of the Sour Sea

    So here is the deal:

    I am trying to revive my Tomb Kings once again, and I do know that they have a "little" issue with the state of their book, and the overall state of the game. This project is meant to be a fun experience with the side effect of being able to at least put up a fight occasionally, and even, gasp, win sometimes...

    I just finished collecting the rest of the parts I need to make the army go, so here is the rough draft and first iteration!

    Insert witty Pirate Mummy name here
    Pirate King 270
    Fencer's Blades
    Glittering Scales
    Collar of Shapesh
    Vambraces of the Sun

    Insert witty Pirate Mummy name here , The Mad
    Pirate King 270
    Wizarding Hat

    Insert Spooky Ladyfriend name here
    Sea Hag 330
    Davy Jone's Locker(Casket of Souls)
    Talisman of Protection

    2 x 3 Cutters(Chariots) 240

    40 x Pirate Archers(Skeleton Warriors with Bows) - 355
    Full Command
    Banner of the Eternal Flame

    25 x Tomb Pirates(Tomb Guard) - 355
    Full Command
    Banner of the Undying Legion

    2 x Baby Kraken(Tomb Scorpion) - 170

    2 x Screaming Skull Cannons(Screaming Skull Catapult) - 180

    I am left with a massive 30 points after this sketch of the list. I am not truly sold on Tomb Scorpions in 8th edition, though the principle remains the same with them, a poor save and mediocre initiative leaves me to believe I could spend points just as well elsewhere.

    Offensive King joins up with Tomb Guard, Caster King with Archers. Will primarily be using Chariots to go after war machines, or soft targets / buy me some time to volley away.

    Undying Legion is to help keep numbers afloat(terrible pun I know), with them possibly straying away from the main line.

    I do hope to get a working camera for this project, as I have some pretty fun things in store for it. I actually built the sailboats for the chariots, and hollowed out a treasure chest for the Casket, just need to affix the LED to it, and some other things as well.

    Anyways, any feedback, comments, suggestions, gripes, would be greatly appreciated.

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    The list looks really nice, it doesnt differ too much from what I usually take. The Tomb Scorpians can still work as a flanker and rear charger. I belive there are a few people who have been saying that they have had some success with them deploying them normally and using them as a flank charge. If you are not sold on them may I suggest swapping them out for a Tomb Prince on a chariot (LA, Shield and Spear of Antarhak), he is worth 14 pts more then the scrops so they should fit in with your 30 spare points available.

    My other opinion is with you hitty King, I like the use of the fences blasdes but not the rest of his gear, shure they'll need 5's to hit but anthing that they king would be up against (usually with me atleast) will be wounding him on 4's, and i dont like the collar in comabt as it is still giving my opponent CR. May I suggest the following to builds.

    King with Fencers Blades, Goldon Ankhra, Potion of Toughness (+3T) - 270 pts
    King with Fencers Blades, Goldon Ankhra, Potion of Speed (+3I) - 255 pts

    The Ankhra will give him a guaranteed 4++ save and the initative increase might insure you go first or increase his toughness (8 is very had to get pass). This would help you better in killing their combat character IMHO.

    Happy hunting and good luck
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    320 (x8)

    ahaha Baby kraken you made some good theme of it, i dare you to make the models.

    If you deploy scorpions normally perhaps Ushabti could be worth considering? they stomp just as much for less points a piece
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