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Thread: Revised 2200 TK

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    Revised 2200 TK

    TK with ASS, Dawnstone, and GW

    HLP with plaques and collar

    TP with glittering scales, ruby ring, and shield

    LP with casket, 4++ ward save

    30x Bowmen with Full Command and BoTUL

    30x Bowmen with Full Command


    Tomb Scorpion

    Tomb Scorpion

    20x Tomb Guard with Full Command and IotSE

    SSC with SotF

    2188 points. TG with TK go in the center with the casket and the catapult tucked tight against their flank on line with the third rank. Bowmen (one unit with prince) go outside the casket and catapult, also 2" forward to protect both while giving them "keyhole" line of sight. Heiro joins the non-prince bowmen initially, but leaves the unit before melee combat is joined. Scorpions deploy by ICFB. If there is no artillery for them to target, they will deploy where the presence of their markers will encourage enemy shooters to spend a turn or two moving instead of shooting, but also where they'll have a good chance of a rear charge against enemy troops advancing against my line.

    I should have plenty of incantations and bound spells plus the light of death to roll over any enemy countermagic, and with 100 bowshots and a pair of cat shots per turn for probably two turns before the enemy reaches my lines, the bowmen should hold their own while the TG clean up and the scorpions first look to police the enemy deployment zone, then threaten a rear charge against units that are probably already locked in melee with mine.

    Against an enemy even more defensively built than me, I have nothing to lose by advancing, since my bowmen's 5+ to hit is unaffected by movement (and they can't march anyway). The scorpions should arrive the turn before or simultaneously with my battle line. In either case, since they are able to charge on arrival, they will not take any fire before biting a chunk out of a lucrative target. My challenge in this scenario will be to keep the LOS for the casket and catapult clear while also guarding against warmachine hunters. I think I'll leave the non-prince bowmen as close to home as they can be and still shoot at something, just so they can pepper and/or preemptively charge anyone sniffing around my artillery.

    I wonder what I can do with my 12 remaining points...I guess I could throw another body into one of my units...actually, a 21st TG would fill out the 7x3 formation nicely before the characters deploy, making it less obvious that there's a king/prince going in the unit while my opponent considers his deployment choices. I'll have to look at 5 and 10 point magic items when I get home before making a decision, though...

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