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    Comabt Army Tomb Kings

    I was just wondering if a combat heavy tomb kings list is possible
    I wrote a 3k list and want to know what you guys think. Will it do ok or will it just get slaughterd

    Tomb King
    Spear of Antarhak
    Enchanted Shield
    Collar of Shapesh
    Chariot of Fire

    Tomb Prince
    Great Weapon
    Shield of Petra
    Dawn Stone

    Linch Priest (hero)
    Hieratac Jar

    Linch Priest
    Serpant Staff
    Enkhil’s Kanopi
    Charmed Shield

    25 Skellies
    Shields, Hand Weapon, Full Command

    25 Shellies
    Shields, Hand Weapon, Full Command

    40 Skellies
    Light Armour, Shields, Hand Weapon, Full Command

    3 Chariots

    8 Heavy Cav

    20 Tomb Guard
    Full Command, Undying Legion

    20 Tomb Guard
    Full Command, Sacred Eye
    6 Ushabti

    Tomb Giant

    The 40 skellies will deploy in the centre and the army will generally focus around them
    They will try and tie up the enemies main fighting force while the tomb guard get round on the flanks

    The 2 25 units of skellies are basically back up’s. If it looks like the main block of skellies are about to die b4 the tomb guard get into the flanks then I charge 1 unit in to hold them up for another turn and then when they are about to die I charge the other unit in
    They can also be used to tie up things I don’t want to deal with for a while, like giants or chaos knights etc or take table quarters
    Basically they are there as distractions and to hold the enemy up for a bit

    The Ushabti and tomb giant will work together to weaken the enemy b4 they get to my main lines
    For example lets say I play against chaos: I will pick a block of chaos warriors and charge them both at that unit
    Ok they might die but by the time they are all dead iv just almost destroyed 1 unit of there warriors
    And if they survive I turn them around to face another heavy armoured unit. There -3 to armour saves will help out a lot. Ok they might not make there points back but they should do enough damage that the main line shld be able to deal with what is left

    The heavy cav and chariots will go on one flank
    These are designed to try and break threw 1flank and get behind the enemies to take out warmachines or get flank/rear charges
    With the new rules I obviously won’t charge them into blocks of infantry but you mainly deploy ur small elite units on ur flanks or ur cav so unless they are chaos knights or something I shld hopefully break threw

    The prince and hero go with the tomb guard with the sacred Eye and the other Priest goes with the other tomb guard
    The lord obviously goes with the chariots

    What do you guys think? Will it work?

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    i haven't really played 8th with TK, and it's been a while since I commented on these forums. Buuut, even in 8th, I think the king on the chariot should have scorpion armor, spear of antarak, and chariot on fire, and of course a shield. d6+1 flaming impact hits, a decent armor save, and can't take but 1 wound from CR, which you'll probably heal. And with the low initiative, even on the charge they probably won't kill you so you can heal those wounds back. And I'd say even if you wanna be combat oriented, find some more things to eat up your power dice, because you still get them, and that'll help you dominate the magic phase and get a lot through.

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