Ok, despite having played only TKs in 7th this is the first time i've had a crack at them in 8th so if I've missed any tricks then please let me know. I'll try to explain my choices at the end, so here goes:

LHP, Hieratic Jar, CoS, Potion of Toughness

TK, Ruby Ring of Ruin

Tomb Prince, Brooch of the Great Desert

Liche Priest, Dispel Scroll

40 Warriors, Full Command, BotUD (Horde)

20 Warriors, Full Command (Horde if there is room)

25 TG, Full Command, Icon of the Sacred Eye (probably Horde formation)

Tomb Scorpion

Tomb Scorpion

Tomb Scorpion



Lords: 516
Heroes: 269
Core: 555
Special: 635
Rare: 220

Ok so that's the list, now here's my thinking:

The LHP and LP go in the 40 bowmen for the most protection and for Smiting, near to that unit will be the 20 bowmen and the 2 SSCs. The LHP has the Jar so that i can pull a surprise high-powered spell at the end after my opponent has used all his dice and with the Collar to bounce any wounds he takes. The potion is a last ditch thing in case he ever gets into combat with his unit, hopefully allowing him to survive for a turn so i can bring in some help. The scroll on the LP is pure magic defense.

The TG will have the TK and TP in them for maximum hitting power with the Icon of the Sacred Eye + Smiting. They will be close enough to the bowmen/SSCs so that I can get as many Urgency spells on them as possible if i need to charge and so that the TK can affect a catapult or unit of bowmen with smiting in the first few turns. The Ruby Ring is for removing the odd rank on enemy units or damaging fast moving units like flyers or fast cav to stop flanking. The brooch is again for magic defense.

And the scorpions will most likely use ICFB for war machine hunting with maybe one of them staying back to help defend SSCs if the opponent is fast moving.

Well that's enough of me ranting, please leave some feedback and let me know what you like/dislike, would change, keep and why.