So heres my new list with the new stuff @ 2200 points... the grand total is 2202 but IDC lol. The main thing I am unsure of is the magic items on my Priest and Princes. Here goes...

HLP LVL 4 with Ruby Ring of Ruin and Cloak of Dunes

Prince 1 (General) with Great Weapon and Armor of Silvered Steel

Prince 2 with Armor of Fortune and Enchanted Shield

49x Skeleton Archers with Full Command to hide Priest

49x Skeleton Warriors HW/S (no spears) and Command for Prince 2

24x Tomb Guard, Full Command, BotUL for Prince 1 (no halberds, KB is kill not S)

6x Ushabti

1x Tomb Scorpion

1x Necrosphinx w. Poisoned Attacks

1x Casket of Souls

My next match will be VS dwarves. HELP PLEASE! Plan is to anvil with Skele horde and Tomb Guards and flank with the nasties.. at least thats the plan...