So Ive been working on a list for 2200 pts with the new book. I would like opinions on what is and isnt working at the moment. I am also a little unsure on what magic items to put on my characters... The magic items in the new book are.. well.. lacking Thanks in advance! Here goes...

High Liche Priest
-LVL 4, Ruby Ring of Ruin, Cloak of Dunes

Tomb Prince 1
-Armor of Fortune, Enchanted Shield

Tomb Prince 2 (General)
-Armor of Silvered Steel, Great Weapon

49x Skeleton Archers
- Full Command, HLP goes here

49x Skeleton Warriors
-Full Command, Prince 1 goes here

24x Tomb Guard
-Full Command, BotUL, Prince 2 goes here

6x Ushabti

1x Tomb Scorpion

1x Necrosphinx
-Envenomed Sting

1x Casket of Souls