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    2500 TK 1st go with new book

    Hi, so my book finally made it through to me here in South Africa. Been having some fun looking through it. This list reflects some of my pre-book arrival thoughts.
    The general idea is to be pretty magic heavy, and be able to cast desert wind at least twice per phase, while competing in shooting and combat.

    The list:

    Liche High Priest - 235
    Level 4, Earthing rod

    Tomb Prince - 154
    Great weapon, Armour of Destiny

    Liche priest - 125
    Feedback scroll (nehekara)

    Liche priest - 90
    Channeling staff (nehekara)

    Necrotect - 105
    Armour of silvered steel

    40 Skeleton Warriors - 190
    Full command

    20 Skeleton Bowmen - 140
    Banner, musician

    10 Skeleton bowmen - xxx

    4 chariots - 255
    Banner, Musician, Banner of swiftness

    36 Tomb guard - 426
    Full command

    3 Necropolis Knights - 240
    ETBS, full command

    Screaming Skull Catapult - xxx

    Screaming skull Catapult - xxx

    Casket of souls - xxx

    Heirotitan - xxx

    Total - 2500

    So im thinking the prince would go with the large skeleton warrior block and the necrotect with the tomb guard, heirophant and 1 liche with the block of 20, other liche with the 10. Not sure if i'd actually use EBTS on the knights, but it'd depend on the opponent.

    With the casket and all three priest chanelling thats 2.5 extra dice per phase, and if I keep all three in heirotitan range then I have a magic powerhouse. Whether this is enough on its own for the units its supporting im not sure. The feedback scroll is there to hopefully add to this with an early mage snipe.

    Would appreciate peoples comments.

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    Hey Andre,

    The feedback scroll can be fine trick from the sleeve, I believe it's only 5 points to mutch in your list. I don't see the point in the priest with channeling staff, make your other wizard a lv 2, your save with that herotitan to cast spells. I won't give the necrotect so much armour, just a dragon helm or the dragon bane gem (2+ WS against fire attacks i cheap and great), also nice for the prince... A priest less and les armour on your necrotect could give you another prince wih some extra's. Nice for the tombguard unit to boost WS.

    Core seems good, I only do not see the need for a musician in teh chariots?
    The necropolis knights looks cool, I am just not sure how they will work in the game, ETBS seems quite expensive if you lose the unit by a misfire. Why not make it a Warsphinx with fiery roar? Downsize tomb guard, a horde formation of 28 is big enough with a banner of undying legion with a necrotect and maybe your second prince. Why not make one of you catapults a scorpion for warmachine hunting, or maybe a unit of 5 horsemen archers as scouts for warmachine hunting.

    Any experience with games in the new book yet?

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    If you want to save 5 points and keep the feedback scroll just get preservation on your prince instead of armour of destiny. I've found that most things he fights are high enough strength to ignore his armour save anyway, with or withou h/a. Also, if you drop destiny you can get a dragonhelm.
    For laughs I sometimes run a Necrotect with an Obsidian Lodestone in my skeleton horde of 40, when combined with incantation of Protection his unit has a 2++ ward against magic attacks, very useful against certain Skaven spells and the likes of Pit of Shades and Purple Sun.
    I'd also look at getting halberds on the Tomb Guard, you've got your tarpit unit (the warriors) and you've got your hitters (knights/charriots) and artillery, with halberds, a prince and Undying Legion, I've had my Tomb Guard reduced to 2 models (and the prince) before raising back up to their full strength of 30 next turn. This gets even better when you have a Priest buffing them with Lore of Light, speed of light, cause fear, and pha's protection means that you're probably going to be hit on 6s, making the 6+ armour and lack of parry somewhat less of a disadvantage.
    The musician doesn't really do much for 4 charriots and if you are going to run the Tomb Guard as above (halberds, BotUD) then you'll need quite a few points spare.
    I'm also very wary when giving Knights EBTS, it can pay off, but generally it's more reliable to have them move up, in your case to support your charriots or threaten the other flank. Also, your catapaults can provide 'fire support' to keep annoying artillery pieces distracted from them.
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