i have played this army against some of my friends. and it really works. tell me what you think.

Tomb kings.
Friendly – 2400 pts.


Tomb king:
Sword of bloodshed.
Gamblers armour.
Potion of strength.

This makes him with an armour save of 3+ and ward save of 6+ an 7 A at strength 8 in one turn. And D6 strength 4 impact hits

Liche high priest (hierophant):
Level 4.
Talisman of persevation.

The 4+ ward save is all he needs.


Tomb herald:
Armour of destiny.

3+ armour save and 4+ ward save. Not very hitty but he only needs to take the hits for the King.

Liche priest:
level 2.
Enkhil's kanopi.
Dispel scroll.

He makes the magic defence.


6 Skeleton chariots:
Standard & musician.
Banner of swiftness.

Wonderful hard hitting unit with Tk and Herald in it.

39 skeleton warriors:
Champion & standard.
Light armour.

Makes a perfect bunker for Liche priest.

5 skeleton horse archers:


3 Necropolis knights:

perfect backup unit

3 Carrions:

for warmachine hunting.

Tomb scorpion:

the same as the carrions


Casket of souls:


Necrolith colossus:
Additional hand weapon.

the idea is to put the king and herald in the chariot unit 4x2. the priests in the skellies.
knights and mosters goes on the flanks while carrions and scorpion tare warmachines apart.