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    1K tourny/fun list. first attempt

    Hay all. Making my first attempt at a 1000 TK list since the new book came out. We have a tourny comming up next month and wanted to get second opnions on what im thinking of using. I should warn you that most of this is being done in my head at work at the moment and I cant rember the names of some of the items im thinking of but I rember what they do at least.

    HLP 190/ lvl 3, channel staff, Heirophant

    Tp 149/ GW, 4+ward

    Archers10 60

    Skele warriors40 190/full command

    Warsphinx 230/ Breath weapon

    SSC 90
    SSC 90

    Thats everything. Please rember im doing this from memory so if their are any mess ups with the points ill try to have them hammered out when i get home. HLP will ride along with the archers and hopefully hide at the back of the board, TP will goes with the Warrior unit in a hoard formation. Warsphinx is going up the side of the board with the idea of getting in the flank or behind them and the 2 SSC are hopefully going to rain death as long as they can. I would love to trade them out for a casket but that still needs to be picked up.

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    Looks fairly good...

    Personally I'd get rid of the 4+ ward on the Prince (I can run mine in 1.25 with a 5+ and he's fine) and then perhaps the breath weapon, with both of those you can get your hierophant to level 4, which is vital in smaller games. Another reason 4 levels would be good is that apart from the warsphinx and catapults (which, at best, only half get the job done) I can't really see how you'll deal with Chosen or Chaos Knights. Whilst you might think that the skeletons have enough attacks to bring them down, I've found that you're lucky to get 1 casualty each turn, especially since Knights cause Fear, denying you the ability to make them WS 1. With 4 levels you can get the 3 vital augments: Desert Wind, Smiting and Protection whilst also going for Cursed Blades, Dessication or even Vengance or Skullstorm.
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