258 170 Tomb King/Armour of Destiny/Sword of Anti Heros/Shield/Dragonbane Gem
135 Liche Priest/level 2/Dispel Scroll/Nehekara
Prince Apophas
Core 830
60 Skeletal Archersx10
60 Skeletal Archersx10
190 Skeletal Warriors x40/Command
190 Skeleton Warriorsx40/Command
330 Chariotsx6
Special 795
480 Tomb Guard/Command x40
230 WarSphinx/Fiery Roar
85 Tomb Scorpion
Rare 460
235 NecroSphinx/Poisoned
135 Casket of Souls
90 Screaming Skull Catapult
Storm of Magic 740
410 Cockatricex2 Breath/Poison
180 Fimir Balefiend Lore of Shadow
150 Windcatcher Prism

This list is an attempt at an all comers list for SoM. One of my concerns are where I should place my Liche Priest, I want the Heirophant in a unit, the Liche Priest in a fulcrum as well as the Balefiend. Also which lore for the second priest. Scorpion and Apophas for warmachine or fulcrum hunting. I am wondering if 40 block skellies can hold their own 5 wide, or if I need to milk points to make them both 50 blocks. I did opt for defensive TG over the expensive halberds, gunna rely on shadow lore hexes, dessication, and the Prism to tip combats in my favor. I'm thinking of running skeletal bowmen in front of my skeletal blocks to soak up a charge leaving them to over run into my sponge units that way i can counter charge either with chariots or a warpshinxes. Cockatrices just look cool, thats about it. Would appreciate any feedback