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    2000 points tomb kings semi competitive

    Hi guys im new to tomb kings and was hoping you could give some advice on my army list

    Tombking- destroyer of eternities,enchanted shield,Dragon bane gem 260
    Liche high priest- level 4 210 (Hierophant)

    39 skeleton archers-musician, standard 254 (Hierophant here) (ranked 10x4)
    40 skeleton warriors-full comand,spears,shields 270 (ranked 10x4)
    3 chariots-musician 175
    3 chariots-musician 175

    27 tomb guard-full command,halberds,standard of undying legion 431 (Tombking here) (Ranked 7x4)

    screaming skull catapult
    screaming skull catapult
    Casket of souls

    Total 1955

    I was thinking of adding the banner which gives flaming attacks (forgot what its called) to the unit of archers,
    was planning of flanking with chariots and using the skeleton warriors to screen the tomb guard while using the archers and catapults for ranged support.
    All opinions and criticisms are welcome thank you

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    Couple things:

    Spears stink on ice because they pay extra to drop their parry save in exchange for...what? a couple of extra WS2 S3 attacks? It's madness...unless you use them as a bodyguard for your heirophant...since he'll give them a 6+ regen, effectively replacing the lost parry save. It's still stupid to pay an extra point per model, but at least you're not losing the 6++. If you put the heiro in the spears, though, you really are changing their mission, they're gonna have to be more passive, since you don't want to throw your heiro out in front...which in turn means that you don't need more than 15-20 models in that unit.

    Then you'd need alternate melee blocks...which means changing that blob of archers to sword'n'board skellies... combined with the savings from the heirobunker, you should have enough for two blocks of 40 swordsmen...

    The king in the TG pretty much makes them a deathstar unit...most of the time, since they're so horribly slow, the enemy won't go near them...unless he can get units stuck in with them on at least two facings...getting attacked from any two angles, the TG won't last long.... So not a very good setup. I'd drop the king in favor of a pair of princes, one for each proposed block of sword skellies...and any points you spend on them need to go to armor and ward saves, they don't do you any good if they die before the skeletons strike at I2.

    27 TG isn't a bad number, but if you need a few points for princely wargear or to make the skittle blocks add up to 40, you can safely remove a few of them...anything over 20 is acceptable...if you want to buff them at all, I like to give them the SoTUL.
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