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    3K augment list Help.

    I'm kinda leaning toward heavy augment list here.
    I have a strong magic phase with a casket, hierotitan, and khatep adding his extra dice and I'm trying to feed them into a small group of anvils and hammers. my concern is if I'm to small.

    Tomb King, A.S.S., Talisman of preservation, GW
    Grand Herio Khatep,

    Tomb Prince, AoD, GW
    Liche Priest Lvl2, LoN, Dispell Scroll
    Liche Priest, Lvl2, Lol

    40 Skittles, Mu
    6 Chariots, Master of Chariots
    40 Bows

    30 Tomb Guard
    6 Necro Knights, Mu

    Casket of Souls

    Main idea is to put the king and khatep into the TG while the prince and LoL priest make the 40 warriors and bit more scary. the LoN priest will sit with the archers off to the side and hopefully cast smiting onto the bows.
    the snakes will lay in wait on the side of warriors and the necro will fly towords the back to take on war-machines, or anything else I deem scary.
    I love my TG / King combo because I have gone against that damn High elf world dragon banner / dragon princes unit 3 times and manage to pull of a victory against them each time. And that was with just 20 TG. I'm hoping 30 has a better survivability.

    My concern is mainly, am I putting to much on faith in my magic.
    also, I know most people love the ushabti over the necro-knights, This is purely a personal preference choice. I love my snake dudes, took 10 hours to put those jerks together and paint them, and I love how they look.

    Side note, List is exactly 3K

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    Again, I apologise if I've got the rules wrong but I dont have the book close to hand atm, but can you use a level 2 with the same lore when there's a Loremaster using it in the same list? I thought that every spell from a lore could only be known by 1 wizard unless it was a signature? Then again, I'm probably wrong.

    In 3K you have quite a few points on characters and powerful units...however you lack any real infantry apart from the guard and skeletons unless you also want to throw the archers out there. Against even elite armies you'll be facing probably more units than you can cope with and, whilst your hammers can allay that fear somewhat, you will still be relying far too heavily on your magic to tip the balance one way or another.
    I would strongly reccomend finding the points for at least another 40 skeletons (with banners in both units), perhaps dropping the level 2 if I was right about Loremaster. Also, despite wide unit frontage in 3K points I would still only run 4 charriots per unit unless you're going to rank up (in which case 2 units of 4 would probably be better) as maneouvering 6 charriots and 6 Knights will be a pain if you're including the amount of infantry I suggest.

    The problem with relying on your magic phase in larger games as TK is that there's always someone out there with a better one. Magic heavy elf lists will either shut you down in their magic phase (if they're DE) or in your magic phase (if they're the other elves) relying on a single phase at that points value is far too risky and, due to that reliance, you are lacking in other areas of the game that you need against some other forms of lists.
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