I'm new to fantasy and don't know the rules too well. I've only played a game or two (Not with this list).
This is my first army list, I wrote it with help from another experienced player. Any feedback welcome, here's the list

High Queen Khalida- 365
(To go with Archers)

Lvl 2 Liche Priest- 105
(To go with Archers)

Tomb Prince w/h chariot, enchanted shield, flail- 164
(To go with chariots)

Necrotect- 60
(To go with Tomb guard)

x37 Skeleton Archers w/h standard and musician- 242

x6 Chariots w/h Full Command
banner of swiftness- 375

Tomb Scorpion- 85

Tomb Scorpion- 85
(Not sure if I should take these)

x20 Tomb guard w/h Halberds, full command- 290
(To stand in front of Archers)

Warsphinx w/h Fiery Roar- 230
(I originally included a Necrosphinx, but apparently this is better)