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    2000 Pts TK last pickup need help!

    Okey so my Tk army is starting to look like an army and im in the process of buying the last 500 pts of 2000.

    So far ive got.

    2 Liche priest
    2 Tomb Princes
    40 Skellie Sword/sheild
    16 Skellie archers
    20 TG
    3 Chariots

    I´m going to buy a Casket of Souls to add to this. But my question then is if i should buy another 2 boxes of skellie warriors to make it 2 units of 36 Sword/sheild skellies OR do you think a warsphinx is better suited? Pro´s and con´s?

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    Hmmm... That doesn't look like 1500 points... I'd say you're better off with more skellies, given that you've built your army in that direction in the first place. I'd actually say that 36 is a tad bit light...I'll grudgingly allow 40 as the bare minimum for a prince-led block of core skellies...so if you can swing three boxes to make two units of 44?

    In any case, I think a warsphinx works best in a construct list, not an infantry list. Problem with taking one in your list is that nothing else really competes for the enemy's "means of killing a sphinx." If you were fielding nothing but chariots, ushabti, sphinxes, giants, et cetera, that would be one thing...but taking just one "hit me with a cannon or purple sun" model? Asking for it! If you want to take a sphinx in an infantry list, I actually recommend the necrosphinx. You have horde control covered via your own infantry blocks, a warsphinx doesn't really do anything your blocks can't. OTOH, a necrosphinx is a fantastic warmachine and mage hunter, and will be feared more than he should be when he goes flying into the enemy backfield. Mine hasn't yet survived a game, but when I think of what would have happened if everything my opponents threw at him had been instead directed at anything else in my army...he's a great matador's cape, and an even greater pain sponge, even when he doesn't kill anything worth mentioning.
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