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    2k Tourney shooty/ETBS

    Upcomming tourney and I've been inspired to rework my list to try stalkers and bow shabti. Here goes:

    Lv4 liche: dispel scroll: 235

    39 archers: s/m: 254

    4 chariots s/m/flame: 250

    3 stalkers: 165

    3 stalkers: 165

    6 bowshabti: FC: 330

    Fiery, stingy sphinx: 240

    Flyin Sphinx: 225

    Casket: 135


    Seems pretty straight forward. Ushabti can shoot for 3 turns the. Mix it up and beat face some core unit .
    Questions comments and cries of madness welcome

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    Fail. What are you going to do with two S6 hits per turn, and how is that worth 300 points? Worse, how do S4 ushabti justify themselves in melee?

    Stalkers look great, but suck unless they're gazing at stunties or undead.

    You really have just two monsters and one squadron of chariots to fight with. Meanwhile, your archers and bowshabti are just begging to be charged, and aren't fast enough to keep up with the mobile bits, so you either abandon them to their fate or you don't make use of the speed that the rest of the army paid a premium for.

    The bowshabti won't beat face against 'some core unit,' some core unit will answer their 18 S4 (plus three stomps) attacks with 21 S3 attacks of their own, and have a 3 point SCR advantage to boot. Every wound you cause them costs them 1/6 to 1/4 as much as your wounds cost you... And once you're down one model, their SCR advantage goes up to +4. And that's if they have hand weapons, S3, and no hero or lord.

    GW ushabti work because they have S6 and they pick their fights. Bowshabti have S4 and someone picks a fight with them... Big difference!
    Last edited by Marnepup; March 21st, 2012 at 19:52.

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