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Thread: 2500 TK List

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    2500 TK List

    You should know better, please remove the pts costs next time. - KU

    What are your thoughts? Im considering what to buy next and your considerations whould be appreciated!

    1 Miu-Oa (Tomb King) @ 276 Pts
    Casting Order (x3); General; Great Weapon
    Blue Khepra
    Blade of Setep
    Enchanted Shield

    1 Tepemkau (Liche Priest) @ 330 Pts
    Casting Order (x5); Hierophant; Full Incantation List
    Death Mask of Kharnut
    Talisman of Protection
    1 Casket of Souls
    Light of Death

    2 Casket Guard
    Great Weapon; Light Armour

    1 Naqada (Liche Priest) @ 165 Pts
    Casting Order (x4); Full Incantation List
    Dispel Scroll
    Dispel Scroll

    1 Aakheperkare (Icon Bearer) @ 162 Pts
    Battle Standard; Light Armour
    Icon of the Sacred Eye

    1 Chariot

    2 Skeletal Steed

    5 Skeleton Chariots @ 275 Pts
    Standard; Musician
    War Banner

    1 Champion

    4 Skeleton Warrior
    Spear; Normal Bow

    10 Skeletal Steed

    5 Skeleton Driver

    5 Skeleton Light Horsemen @ 98 Pts
    Normal Bow

    1 Champion
    6 Skeletal Steed

    15 Skeleton Warriors @ 153 Pts
    Bow; Standard; Musician

    1 Champion
    19 Skeleton Warriors @ 230 Pts
    Shield; Light Armour; Standard; Musician
    Banner of the Undying Legion

    1 Champion

    24 Tomb Guard @ 370 Pts
    Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician
    Icon of Rakaph

    1 Champion

    1 Tomb Scorpion @ 85 Pts

    5 Ushabti @ 325 Pts

    Casting Pool: 2

    Dispel Pool: 4

    Models in Army: 83

    Total Army Cost: 2469

    Last edited by King Ulrik Flamebeard; July 21st, 2005 at 23:31.
    Maireann croÃ* éadrom i bhfad - A light heart lives longest

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    you never ever put your Hierophant on a casket of souls because of flyers ambushers and tunnelers form the other armys so see if you cant switch it with your other Liche Priest alright other than that i would say your army looks good.

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    And why put the Terror causing mask on a priest you plan on putting on the Casket which causes Terror already? Also why the Icon Bearer? Near universal agreement is that he is useless. Otherwise try a different format as it is a little hard to read yours as is. How do you plan on running them?

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    Your Character setup isnt fantastic to be honest.

    As the King has a magic weapon he cant use a GW. He could also do with havintg a decent save, either the Collar or the Ankrah. The BVlade of Setep is too expensive, keep him with a basic GW, and loose the Eshield. Swap out the Khepra for something more useful, or loose it all together.

    Get your Hiero off that casket, and drop the wargear he has. Give him the Ckloak of the Dunes and maybe the Hjar or plaques.

    An icon bearer can be good, but is generally a waste as it costs you in the magic department.

    A 5 Chariot unit is far too big, drop all the command etc and split into 2 units of 3.

    Loose champions from all units.

    Id say drop the Ushabti to 4 and get a catapult in there!

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