this is going to be used in a campaign against wood elves, skaven(maybe), and BoC (or OK)
any help will be appreciated.

1 tomb king w/ GW, crown of kings, enkils kanopi
1 liche priest w/ cloak of dunes, and heratic jar.(hierophant)
1 liche priest w/ staff of ravening, and horse
1 liche priest w/ 2 dispel scrolls, and a casket of souls
20 skeleton warriors w/ light armor
10 skeleton warriors
12 skeleton heavy horsemen w/ SB and war banner
5 chariots w/ SB and banner of undying legions
3 carrions
24 tomb guards w/ FC and Icon of Sacred eye
2 tomb scorpions
4 ushabti
Total:84 models, and 2500pts