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Thread: 2k tomb kings

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    60 (x2)

    2k tomb kings

    2000 point Tomb Kings

    Liche high priest 290 points
    Hieratic jar, Cloak of dunes,

    Tomb Prince 176 points
    Chariot. Chariot of fire, Great weapon, light Armour

    Liche priest 160 points
    Staff of ravening

    Liche priest 115 points


    20 Skeleton Warriors 205 points
    Hand weapon, shield, Light Armour
    Full command

    20 Skeleton Warriors 205 points
    Hand weapons, Shields, Light Armour
    Full command

    13 Skeleton Warriors 104 points

    8 Skeleton Heavy Cavalry 142 points
    Spears, Light Armour, shields

    8 Skeleton Heavy Cavalry 142 points
    Spears, Light Armour, shields

    5 tomb swarms 225 points


    3 Chariots 120 points

    4 Chariots 160 points

    Total points: 2k

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    A few points:
    Are you sure you want to 750 points on character (3 spell character.) This isn't a criticism, I just wondered what you think. In my 2K I've got 4, but they are different. (1 High Priest, 1 Icon Bearer, 2 Tomb Princes.)
    I think two units of chariots is too much. Drop the small one then get more archers and a command for the big group.
    You don't have anything that is likely to hang around. Tomb guard would be good as they are T4 and will be easy to heal with 3 priests if they die. Also think about either ushabti or a scorpian, or if you're as stupid as me, have a bone giant. (Or two, as I intend to once I've got the money.)
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