Tomb Prince@125 pts - Light Armour, hand weapon, enchanted shield, vambraces of the sun.
Liche Priest@140 pts - Hieratic jar, hand weapon.
12 Skeleton Warriors@96 - bows/hand weapon
12 Skeleton Warriors@96 - Bows/hand weapon
20 Skeleton Warriors@180 - Hand Weapon, shield, light armour.
20 Skeleton Warriors @160 - Hand weapon, shield.
3 Chariots@120
1 Tomb Scorpion@85

Total: 1002

My plan here is to fire ranged with skellies and advancing slowly with my skeleton warriors, trying to break the first line of attackers. My chariots and tomb scorpion will sweep around the flank. My Liche Priest will be casting incantations wherever needed, and has a hieratic jar just in case. My tomb prince will be put in with one of the skelly warrior units to hopefully boost their combat . (they might actually do damage this way!!) Alternatively, I could remove one mob of archer skellies, put some good stuff on my chars, and add standard bearers to my warriors and a champion to my chariot.