255: Tomb King
Armour of the Ages, Crook & Flail of Radiance

160: Liche Priest, Hierophant
Dispel Scroll, Cloak of the Dunes

305: Liche Priest
Dispel Scroll Casket of Souls

190: 20 Skeleton Warriors HW, Shields, LA

170: 20 Skeleton Archers

120: 3 Chariots

70: 5 Skeleton Light Cavalry

265: 19 Tomb Guard (Tomb King lives here)
Banner of the Undying Legion, SB

195: 3 Ushabti

72: 3 Carrion Birds

85: Tomb Scorpion

110: Screaming Skulls Catapult
Skulls of the Foe

Total pt: 1997

I gave the cloak of the dunes to my hierophant to keep him protected as well as allowing him to get to where he needs to be to cast spells. I also tried to protect my Tomb King a bit by allowing to strike first and gave him +1 Wound. The 5 Light Cavalry would be used to harass enemy units, as they can move and shoot without penalty, and maybe set up a charge for my chariots etc. I know the chariot unit is quite small, but it's all i could afford and it should hopefully still do some damage. Anyways it's my first attempt so i'm sorry if i've made a stupid mistake.