Tomb King - 265pts
Destroyer of Eternities
Collar of Shapesh
Light armour
(in skeleton unit)

Hierophant - 160pts
Hieratic Jar
Cloak of Dunes

Liche Priest - 155pts
Dispell Scroll
Vambraces of the Sun
(in Skeleton unit)

Liche Priest - 168pts
Skeletal Steed
Staff of Ravening

1 x Tomb Swarm - 45Pts

23 x Skeleton warriors with l/a & shield - 257pts
Full command
War Banner

12 x 'Heavy' Cavalry - 252pts
Full command
Banner of undying legion

3 x Ushabti - 195pts

1 x Tomb Scorpion - 85 pts

1 x Tomb Scorpion - 85 Pts

Bone Giant - 220 pts

Screaming skull catapult - 110pts

Total 2000pts

Options include dropping skulls of foe for 2nd scroll on priest in unit.