I posted the list just previous to this one, went home - and came up with a slightly different one.

a) is there any discertation on Tomb Guards vs Regular skeletons? I see a lot of talk saying Tomb Guards are so so.. but you're paying only 4 points to get Toughness 4, Strength 4, and +1 to WS... Granted that's 50% more than the Regular Skelly.. so technically, compare 3 skellies to 2 tomb guard.. the big thing for the skellies is 3 wounds vs 2. Hence really a Unit of 30 skellies can replace the below mentioned unit of 20 TOmbguard


b) I can always replace the Tomb Guard with two units of 4 chariots (or 3 chariots + add chariot to the Tomb Prince) - My only concern is then I only have 40 units total to "hold people up" not 60.

Anyways, here goes

2k Army

Core choices:

10 Skeleton Bowmen - 80 pts
10 Skeleton Bowmen - 80 pts

20 Skeleton with HW/Shield + light armor - 190 pts
+ standard bearer - 25 pts
+ Magical Standard (25 pt limit)
------Total 225 pts

Special Choices

20 Tomb Guard - 240 pts
+standard - 12 pts
+champion - 12 pts
+Magical standard (up to 50 pts)

3 X Carrion

2 X Tomb Scorpions

Rare Choices

2 X SSC w/skulls of the foe upgrade - 220 pts


Tomb King with shield
Cloaks of Dunes
Spear of Antarhak
Scropion Armor
Total: 278 pts

Liche HP
Hieratic Jar
Dispel Scroll
Golden Ankhara
Total: 340 pts

Liche Priest
Dispel Scroll X 2
Total: 165 pts

Tomb Prince
Light Armor
Enchanted Shield
Sword of Battle
Vambraces of the Sun
Total: 152 pts


Total assuming the standards are 25 pts and 50 pts each will be 1996 / 2000 PTS

Ok.. now please make this a billion page thread

Thank you,

Sam W.