276: Tomb King Rakaph II
Flail of Skulls, Crown of Kings, Light Armour, Enchanted Shield, Shield

160: Hierophant Khatep
Cloak of Dunes, Collar of Shapesh

140: Liche Priest Enkhil
Dispel Scroll

140: Liche Priest Neferra
Dispel Scroll

165: Casket of Souls

80: 10 Archers

80: 10 Archers

120: 3 Chariots

225: 15 Tomb Guard
Tomb Blades, Light Armour, Shields, Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of the Undying Legion

168: 7 Carrion

325: 5 Ushabti

110: Sreaming Skulls Catapult
Skull of the Foe


Now I no what you are all thinking, where is the Scorpion? Well the problem for us Khemrians is that alot of it's uses will be void come september 9th and the 7th edition, why? Characters can be picked out if not in units so no more wizard hunting, their unit strength of 4 is not enough to negate ranks and carrion can take out war machines in turn 1 if you are lucky, where as scorpions don't turn up until at least turn 2 and usually 3. Also, a unit of Carrion that 5 strong or more can be used to benifit from the new crossfire rule which is similar to the 40k rule where if a unit flees though an enemy of unit strength 5+ it is automatically slain. The big unit of Ushabti is to take advantage of the new 'steamroll' rule. If, in your own turn, your unit defeats a unit in combat, breaks them, and pursues into fresh enemy, that round of combat can be fought that turn, and you can keep on doing it! Criticism is more than welcome, and, although i believe their uses had now been limited, if anyone can suggest how to find points for a Scorpion I would love to know!
Will Adams