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    1,500pt TK Friendly (-ish)

    Hello, I'm dusting off my TK for a game of Fantasy after a long while, so I have a list for your perusal and commentary. It is for friendly games, but there is a tendency for beardy lists where I play so it is not entirely "friendly"

    Tomb Prince w/ great weapon and light armour

    Liche Priest w/ staff of ravening

    Liche Priest (Hiero) w/ cloak of the dunes, dispell scroll

    20 Skeleton Warriors w/ hw&shield, full command

    20 Skeleton Warriors w/ hw&shield, full command

    8 Skeleton Heavy Horse w/ banner, musician

    3 Ushabti

    1 Tomb Scorpion

    5 Carrion

    1 Screaming Skull Catapult w/ skulls of the foe

    I have a slight variation to the list in that if I drop the Carrion and one unit of skeleton warriors I can get a 20-strong unit of tomb guard with full command and a banner of the undying legion, as well as have 10 horsemen with full command.

    I don't normally use carrion but I'm going against an O&G force with lots of fanatics and I want the carrion to draw them out and also attack the goblin bolt throwers in the back.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas/comments!

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    I`ll comment on what I mean about it.. But, I myself havent played to many games with the TK.. so I am by no means an expert..

    first of.. you have musiqans.. why?..
    do you really expect to meet that many draw combats?
    to me the TK musiqan is for poeple who add them since there cool, and not for there game machanics.. since TK musiqans are a waste your not ganna run..

    secondly.. I like to feild my skelies.. 25 in size.. maybe bigger (my bowmen are 10-20 though) this is because.. well more skelies more static CR... at 20 one kill (and one skelie will die) and you loose 1 point of CR..

    and I`M not a big fan of your 8 strong heavy horsemen unit..
    why make em 8 strong?..
    seems to me that the ways to use these guys is like a regular skelie unit (10-25 horsemen)
    or as flankers (5/7)
    and you shold really not add a banner to em unlsess your using them as a skelie block..
    And as a side note..
    Plague_00 says that TK horsemen are rubbish no mater how you use em.. so it might be a good idea to just drop em..

    Charaters seem ok..
    special seems fine..
    loveing the 5 strong carrion.. these guys have been game winners when I play..
    Rare some people might say you shold drop the upgrade on the catapult..
    but I love it.. so I wont say that ...

    good luck.
    (as always.. sry for any errors)

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    i would drop the horsemen completely (they are too fast in your force they would leave the restof the army behind , and thats beside the point tk cav suck exception chariots)

    drop the musicians, tomb scorpion

    give the cloak of dunes to the prince and take off lightarmour (it aint gonna save jack s#%t) with this make him fly from cover to cover and hit warmachines and mages

    carrion is nice personnaly i prefer units of 7 but it's debatable if it works for you stick with it

    the skelies need to be bumped up to units of 25 keeps em alive ALOT longer

    any points left over might wanna consider some magic armour for the prince or a magic wep and sheld

    as a final note i would lose the catapult in favour of more skelies purely because without bowmen it's gonna be left in you d zone completely unprotected leaving it a prime target for anything with a pick or wings...
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